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These 13 Questions Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Yourself

This is as accurate as it gets, people.

This test asks you to imagine several images and then reveals the subconscious meaning behind every image. Make sure you have a clear picture in your head before you click to reveal!

Imagine you’re walking through a desert and you see a cube.

1. How big is the cube?

2. What material is the cube made out of?

3. Is the cube touching the ground?

Ok, so somewhere near the cube, imagine a ladder.

4. Is it leaning against the cube?

5. How far away is the ladder from the cube?

6. What is the ladder made out of?

Great! Now picture a horse next to the ladder-cube-thing.

7. Is the horse tied to anything?

8. Is the horse wearing a saddle?

9. What is the horse doing?

Cool. Now, imagine flowers somewhere in the scene.

10. How many are there?

11. Where are the flowers in relation to the cube?

Lastly, there’s a storm somewhere in the area.

12. Is it threatening to you?

13. And is the storm far away or really close to the cube?