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These 13 Questions Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Yourself

This is as accurate as it gets, people.

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This test asks you to imagine several images and then reveals the subconscious meaning behind every image. Make sure you have a clear picture in your head before you click to reveal!

Imagine you’re walking through a desert and you see a cube.

1. How big is the cube?

2. What material is the cube made out of?

Eric Martin / Photobucket / Via

3. Is the cube touching the ground?

Ok, so somewhere near the cube, imagine a ladder.

4. Is it leaning against the cube?

Flickr / Mkyl Roventine / Via Flickr: myklroventine

5. How far away is the ladder from the cube?

6. What is the ladder made out of?

Great! Now picture a horse next to the ladder-cube-thing.

7. Is the horse tied to anything?

Flickr / firelizard5 / Via Flickr: firelizard5

8. Is the horse wearing a saddle?

9. What is the horse doing?

Flickr / Henri Ton / Via Flickr: henriton

Cool. Now, imagine flowers somewhere in the scene.

10. How many are there?

Flickr / Dennis Hill / Via Flickr: fontplaydotcom

11. Where are the flowers in relation to the cube?

Lori Branham / Via Flickr: kjunstorm

Lastly, there’s a storm somewhere in the area.

12. Is it threatening to you?

Jiri Zuna / Via Flickr: zuzkins

13. And is the storm far away or really close to the cube?

Flickr / mrpbps / Via Flickr: mrpbps

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