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    There's Now A Site With Tips For Tinder Pickup Artists And It Is Insane

    And it comes with a "cheat sheet" of pickup lines.

    So there's a website called Tinder Seduction and it's exactly what it sounds like.

    Run by a guy named Marcus, the site advertises an iPhone app called Dating App Cheat and an e-book called Tinsanity — both designed to supposedly help men seduce women through Tinder.

    "After a slow start to Tinder, I decided to immerse myself into the task of getting better at meeting girls and building relationships, particularly over dating apps and online dating," Marcus told BuzzFeed. "Over time things improved, and by the time I built the website I was going on up to six dates a week."

    But perhaps one of the most standout aspects of the site is something called a "Tinder Cheat Sheet," a PDF of compiled pickup lines.

    "You can pretty much go an entire Tinder conversation, from opener to acquiring a number, with just the lines in that sheet. It’s pretty amazing." Marcus told BuzzFeed.

    "To me it makes complete sense to share and help people out, to have an abundance mentality, rather than keeping everything for myself," Marcus said.