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    29 Gorgeous Ways To Forget All About Your Ex

    Treat yo self to some new ink.

    1. Get an owl to signify your newfound wisdom.

    2. Or a raven to remove all evidence of the Lenore in your life.

    3. A big, bold lotus never hurt anybody.

    4. Especially if it's really vibrant.

    5. Hide that now broken heart with something a bit more durable.

    6. Find yourself a new love altogether.

    7. Pay homage to your favorite franchise.

    8. Or your favorite hobby.

    9. Your relationship may not have lasted forever, but your love of monarch butterflies probably will.

    10. Seriously - you're way better off with this little guy having your back.

    11. For when "roses are red" is the only part of the poem that you want to hear.

    12. Because roses are hard to hate.

    13. Especially when they're in full bloom.

    14. But flowers of all styles and colors are welcome.

    15. When you're no longer star-crossed lovers, just get part of a galaxy.

    16. Remember: you'll float like a feather without your shitty ex weighing you down.

    17. You don't need another person to give you wings.

    18. It's also totally ok (and awesome) to get dark.

    19. Or get yourself a mythical figure to guide you through all of your heartache.

    20. Eddie looks better as a fish - it's just a fact.

    21. Remind yourself that you are just as, if not more, majestic on your own.

    22. Use this as the first step to getting the tattoo of your dreams.

    23. Realize that you are goddamn royalty.

    24. Now's the perfect time to flaunt your strength.

    25. Find yourself a way cooler life companion.

    26. No matter what, you just have to be fierce.

    27. And be your own anchor.

    28. Your "one love" might be gone, but that just means you get to have way better ink now.

    29. But, when in doubt, just cover their name and laugh about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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