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13 Superstitions That Explain Why Your Love Life Sucks

You're doing everything wrong!

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2. You avoid eye contact during a toast.

Warner Bros. Pictures/The Great Gatsby / Via

That, and not clinking each glass individually, or accidentally crossing your arm with someone else's equates to seven years of bad sex, bro. CAREFUL.

5. You haven't counted enough white horses.

Disney/Gravity Falls / Via

This one is up for debate -- some sources say you have to count 60 horses, one mule and shake the hand of the person you will marry, others say one hundred horses (where every mule equals 10 horses) and no handshake. Either way, you should start immediately if you ever want to find anyone.

11. You were a bridesmaid three times.

Warner Bros/The Corpse Bride / Via

Bridesmaids supposedly protect the bride from evil spirits, so going to three weddings means you've accumulated enough nastiness to be single for life. But at least your friends really like you!

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