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    24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

    In honor of Anti-Street Harassment Week, here are some tips on how to respond to unsolicited sexual attention.

    1. Inform them of your riveting evening plans:

    2. Hand them a form to fill out:

    3. Pull out a very comprehensive guide:

    4. Tell them your name:

    5. Put them in your shoes:

    6. Make this face:

    7. Display your charming side:

    8. Direct them to this wall:

    9. State the obvious:

    10. Give them a friendly warning:

    11. Show off your new t-shirt:

    12. Point to your necklace:

    13. Or your patch:

    14. Or your badge:

    15. Introduce them to some new role models:

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    16. Be blunt:

    17. Return the favor:

    18. Put up a few flyers:

    19. Give them a little note:

    20. Do a little standup:

    21. Be brutally honest:

    22. Sic your pet dinosaur on them:

    23. Kindly escort them to the police:

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    24. And, when in doubt, use a little magic: