24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

In honor of Anti-Street Harassment Week, here are some tips on how to respond to unsolicited sexual attention.

1. Inform them of your riveting evening plans:


2. Hand them a form to fill out:

The Riot / Via theriotmag.tumblr.com

Art by The Riot.

3. Pull out a very comprehensive guide:

Art by Collective Action DC.

4. Tell them your name:

Aya de Yopougon / Via shadowwhisper123.tumblr.com

5. Put them in your shoes:

Tom Fonder / Via happyjar.com

Art by Tom Fonder.

6. Make this face:

7. Display your charming side:

Charis Jackson Barrios / Via charisjb.tumblr.com

8. Direct them to this wall:

Photo by We Chalk Walk.

9. State the obvious:

Paramount Pictures / liveinselena.tumblr.com

Paramount Pictures / liveinselena.tumblr.com


10. Give them a friendly warning:

Chrysanthebomb / Via chrysantheb0mb.tumblr.com

Art by Chrysanthebomb.

11. Show off your new t-shirt:

12. Point to your necklace:

$13.50 on Etsy.

13. Or your patch:

Patch/photo by Little Miss Andry.

14. Or your badge:

Badge by Kelly McBabe.

15. Introduce them to some new role models:

17. Return the favor:

Art by Pablo Stanley.

18. Put up a few flyers:

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh / stoptellingwomentosmile.tumblr.com

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh / stoptellingwomentosmile.tumblr.com


20. Do a little standup:

Vision Video / Via pyper1887.tumblr.com

21. Be brutally honest:

22. Sic your pet dinosaur on them:

Wendy M. Xu / Via angrygirlcomics.tumblr.com

Art by Wendy M. Xu.

23. Kindly escort them to the police:

24. And, when in doubt, use a little magic:

Mallory Ortberg / Matt Lubchansky / Via the-toast.net
Mallory Ortberg / Matt Lubchansky / Via the-toast.net

Art by Mallory Ortberg and Matt Lubchansky. Full comic here.

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