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33 Stunning Landscape Tattoos That Will Remind You Of Home

Home is where the ink is.

1. Sometimes, you just want to carry your home city with you.

2. Or you simply want to be reminded of a more natural setting.

3. You can opt for an engraved look.

4. Or give nature a little bit of a remix.

5. You can pack a whole world in a tiny space.

6. Or have a never-ending sunset.

7. You can hold onto perfect evenings by the water.

8. Or always look back on your favorite vacation.

9. You can live in that idyllic log cabin forever, if you want.

10. Or pay tribute to your favorite mountain range.

11. You can slowly map out your dreams.

12. And you can get as detailed as you want.

13. You can remember the best of times, all the time.

14. And you can make the grandest of scenes as dainty as you want.

15. Or you can just go all out.

16. You can breathe life into a still setting.

17. Or give a shoutout to your home state.

18. You can always be reminded of pleasant beaches.

19. Or spark memories of scenic trails.

20. You can idealize the most industrial of cities.

21. Or simply become one with the stars and the sky.

22. You can contain the most majestic of sunrises.

23. Or carry mountains as if they were as light as a feather.

24. You can be anywhere you want to be.

25. No landscape is off-limits.

26. You can hold onto a place that's shrouded with mystery.

27. Or highlight all your favorite features.

28. You can use colors only matched by nature itself.

29. Or keep it simple.

30. You can capture an entire mood with one scene.

31. Or just keep a little piece of the land for yourself.

32. You can carry your home with you wherever you go.

33. And always have it with you when you return.