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19 Struggles Only First Generation Kids Really Know

Kids of immigrants: unite!

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1. Seeing your friends be rude to their parents, while meanwhile knowing your own parents would kill you if you tried any of that.


13. Being enormously, passive-aggressively guilt-tripped if you don’t call your grandparents regularly.

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They will never call you first, and you're officially the worst person on the planet, congratulations.

14. Always being given that speech about your parents' immigration hardships everytime you complain too much.

"Jake doesn't like me back."

"Oh, really? Did I tell you about the time we were on welfare and all lived in a cramped one-bedroom apartment so you could have a future?"

16. Only being encouraged to pursue something lucrative or something you’re really, really, really good at.

And not being given any extra points for getting into a top-level university or landing a dream job because that's already what you're supposed to be doing.


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