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15 Signs You Belong In A Period Piece Romance


1. You want to live in a world where attractive people are only distant because they're in love with you.

BBC/North and South / Via

2. And you're convinced that love only happens when you're wearing embroidered silk.

Universal Pictures/Anna Karenina / Via

Or a feather-and-diamond barrette. Why not both?

3. You daydream about witty conversation with a brooding new acquaintance, rather than small talk.

Focus Features/Jane Eyre


4. And the impassioned arguments in period dramas are the only times you want to fight with someone.

Universal Pictures/Pride & Prejudice / Via


5. Catcallers/sleazy club prowlers only remind you of Mr. Darcy-types who are reserved and would never!

BBC/Pride & Prejudice / Via

Le sigh.

6. And you wish that if you were hit on, it'd at least be worded eloquently.

Universal Pictures/Pride & Prejudice / Via

7. You would trade text messages for handwritten letters any day.

Miramax Films/Becoming Jane / Via

(Obviously, you can still write letters, but finding someone who’ll want to go through the trouble with you isn’t easy.)

8. And you'd give up any club/bar for an ornate masquerade ball.

Universal Pictures/The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall / Via

^ This every weekend, plz.

9. You endlessly yearn to be living in an antiquated estate seductively located in the wilderness.

10. And you've spent a good deal of time imagining flirtatious walks along estate gardens.

Columbia Pictures/Sense and Sensibility

Columbia Pictures/Sense and Sensibility

11. You enjoy any opportunity to light candles and create the perfect atmosphere for blossoming romance.


So blackouts are your favorite times of the year.

12. You already know what you want your partner to say when they express their undying love.

Samuel Goldwyn Films/Onegin / Via

And it's really poetic.

13. You only wish something life-changing would happen during a storm.

Universal Pictures/Pride & Prejudice / Via

14. You would love to charm someone with one of the many skills you were taught as a child.

Columbia Pictures/Sense and Sensibility / Via

Be it singing, piano-playing, dancing, drawing or even needlework!

15. And you're entranced by the notion of ending up with whom you least expect.

Miramax Films/Becoming Jane / Via

Like the person you used to loathe, which happens so often in costume dramas.

But, even though it's tough, you find comfort in reminding yourself of the luxuries you have now.

BBC/Pride & Prejudice / Via

For instance: women's suffrage, not having to wear corsets, and not fearing dying of sickness/childbirth all the time.

And, if period literature taught you anything, the right person can come along at any moment and under any circumstances!

BBC/Jane Eyre / Via

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