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    21 Secrets A Third Wheel Will Never Tell You

    "If you make out in front of us, we will take selfies."

    1. We're ok with being single, as long as you don't make us feel bad for being single.

    2. We want you to remember that we're your friend who wants to hang out with you, not some charity case.

    3. If you make out in front of us, we will take selfies.

    4. We also might tease you a little bit.

    5. Ok, maybe a lot, but how can we not???

    6. Our hope is for all three of us to get along like true friends, Harry-Ron-Hermione style.

    7. But if we don't like your S.O., we'll still be nice to them because we want you to be happy.

    8. And we really hope your new babe likes us as well.

    9. We occasionally worry that you'll invite us out and then ignore us the whole night.

    10. Or that you'll flat-out leave us at a bar to fend for ourselves.

    11. You holding hands while we trail behind is rooooough.

    Raymond Hall / GC Images

    12. As is being interrupted mid-conversation to see you initiate a smoochfest.


    13. And we're sometimes convinced that you'll eventually not want to hang out with us at all now that you're dating.

    14. But we know you're a true friend if you make us feel included and not like a deadweight.

    15. And if you do need a moment to yourselves, we are pros at entertaining ourselves.

    16. If we're going through a breakup or bad time romantically, we may get a little cranky. Forgive us.

    17. While we're super happy to third wheel, we also do sometimes just want to see you one-on-one, like old times.

    18. Because it's important for us to know that we're good enough to hang out with alone.

    19. We get that people fall in love and schedules change. We just hope to still be in yours.

    20. We're genuinely happy that you're in love and we support you.

    21. And we hope you'll return the favor someday :)

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