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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    9 People Who Want Second Chances At Talking To Their Crushes

    "I saw a beautiful man and we smiled at each other but he dropped his ice cream and ran away."

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed Love wants to hear about the cute people you didn't get a chance to actually talk to, so we can try and help them find you!

    seen a cute stranger this week that you didn't get to talk to? tweet us your stories w/ #secondchances

    1. Some people shared a simple, sweet moment, only to never see their stranger again.

    @BuzzFeedlove I ate a&w all alone & so did the stranger & then he held the garbage can open for me & I never saw him again, heart breaking

    2. Others felt a little thirst injected into their daily routine.

    @BuzzFeedLove @BuzzFeedLGBT Well while I was at the gym to not check guys out, I saw some cutie doing pull ups. I had to bite my lips...

    3. Some were quickly disappointed.

    @BuzzFeedLove thought he was checking me out, was about to talk to him and then his boyfriend came up and they made out

    4. Others were let down later in the game.

    @BuzzFeedLove I saw a beautiful man in Dunnes and we smiled at each other but he dropped his ice cream and ran away #secondchances

    5. Some had eyes for celebrity doppelgängers.

    @BuzzFeedLove @BuzzFeed #secondchances I've got 3 words for you: Harry Styles lookalike

    6. Others just wanted something else entirely.

    @BuzzFeedLove @BuzzFeed what if this second chance love story was about a dog?

    7. Some tried to make their affections more known.

    @BuzzFeedLove the most beautiful man alive works the chickfila drive-thru near me. I didn't even want chicken for lunch today #secondchances

    8. Others reminisced back to the beginning of a relationship.

    @BuzzFeedLove @BuzzFeed not really a stranger now but @nastyelvis was a cute stranger to me at one point in time 😍

    9. And some knew they already have the person they need in their life.

    @BuzzFeedLove @BuzzFeed I was walking past h&m an noticed a hottie in the window watching me go past, was my reflection. #secondchances

    Have a story? Tweet it @ BuzzFeed Love with the hashtag #secondchances and we might feature it on BuzzFeed!

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