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17 Tattoo Artists Who Will Make You Want To Go To Russia

*books plane/appointment with Sasha Unisex.*

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1. Sasha Unisex, Moscow

Sasha Unisex is perhaps one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world, let alone Russia. She's known for her truly iconic and masterful watercolor style.

2. Sasha Masiuk, St. Petersburg

Sasha Masiuk is the queen of dotwork, especially when it comes to intricate black-and-white floral designs.

3. Denis Torikashvili (T-Dan), Moscow

Denis Torikashvili, also known as T-Dan, magically makes your tattoos look like they were drawn with pastels.

4. Oleg Turyanskiy, Moscow

Oleg Turyanskiy's tattoo style is complex and wonderful, mixing strong lines with watercolors.

5. Yanina Viland, St. Petersburg

Yanina Viland is a jack of all trades, switching up her style from flawless etching to perfectly blended watercolors, and sometimes combining both styles for a truly spectacular tattoo.

6. Anton Kovrigin, Moscow

Anton Kovrigin's art mixes traditional cartoons with complex watercolors, adding a layer of fun to everything.

7. Alexander Grim, St. Petersburg

Alexander Grim is painstakingly meticulous in his work, and his perfectionism really shows in his mind-blowing creations.

8. Alex Tabuns, St. Petersburg

Alex Tabuns' skills truly lie in pointillism, ranging from abstract floral patterns to nearly photorealistic designs.

9. Igor Tangen, Moscow

Igor Tangen's aesthetic is very punk rock and even delves into surrealism, making him the guy to go to for a beautifully dark piece.

10. Vadim Skorik, Moscow

BA CK Tattooing is the parlor to go to if you want a genuinely special noncolor tattoo (and with designs like these, who needs color anyway?)

11. Eduard Sarmaev, Kazan

Eduard Sarmaev's colorful, photorealistic style is very tough to compete with.

12. Andrey Kichatov, Moscow

Andrey Kichatov has pretty much proven he can create any black and white tattoo you could dream up.

13. Andrew Davidov, Yaroslavl

Andrew Davidov's designs can only be described as fierce and, as far as subject matter, quite limitless.

14. Marina Goncharova, St. Petersburg

Marina Goncharova's funky, vibrant style is impossible not to fall in love with, especially when it can cover up an otherwise tragic tattoo (see below.)

15. Egor Kulikov, St. Petersburg

Egor Kulikov creates designs that are so detailed and full of life that they feel like they could leap off your arm and into the real world.

16. Flarik Akhmetov, Kazan

Flarik Akhmetov's impossibly intricate patterns are unbeatable.

17. Nastya Slutskaya, St. Petersburg

Nastya Slutskaya's heavily pigmented style will absolutely satisfy your need for a pinch of color.

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