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27 Reasons Julia And Joel Need To Get Back Together On "Parenthood"


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1. Joel and Julia telling the kids about a trial separation was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show ever.

And that's saying a lot for Parenthood.

2. As was this.


3. Joel supported Julia's dreams, and she really tried to support his.

She was also adjusting to a new kid and being unemployed -- and she still did a really good job :(

4. The kiss with Ed was like, nothing.

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She pulled away and tried to avoid him afterwards. And yeah, they have a lot in common, but they would never actually work out because Joel can support Julia in a way that Ed just couldn't.

5. And Julia knew right away that she was in the wrong and felt immediate remorse for what was only a three-second smooch.

6. Meanwhile, outside of mild flirtation and an expensive business dinner, Joel is not interested in Peet.

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She's clearly waiting for him to make a move, but if he hasn't yet, he probably won't ever.

7. And no.

Sorry, Max's teacher, you're clearly a rebound. A cute rebound, but a rebound nonetheless.

8. They dealt with huge problems in the past and got by just fine, like when Julia told Joel she couldn't get pregnant again.

9. But they bounced back by adopting and introducing a new child into their home with open arms.

10. They came so far with getting Victor and Sydney to adjust to their lives together.

11. But now the kids are getting to that point where they start to blame themselves.

12. Just when they were starting to form into the most perfect and idyllic family ever.

13. SERIOUSLY -- they did the most adorable things with their kids.

14. And they were so in sync as parents, it was sometimes even scary.

15. Even when their relationship was starting to have real problems, they still had amazingly hot sex.

16. They also had the best kisses ever.

17. And side hugs.

19. They simply couldn't keep their eyes off each other.

After being married for such a long time, they kept the spark alive so naturally.

20. They could also laugh about the goofiest things.

21. And they could bring each other up even when parenting proved to be really, really hard.

22. They accepted each other's flaws in a super realistic way.

Joel more than embraced Julia's headstrong personality -- he loved her for it.
NBC / Via

Joel more than embraced Julia's headstrong personality -- he loved her for it.

23. And they made promises to keep being on each other's sides through thick and thin.

24. At the end of the day, they'd always have each other's backs.

25. Even while being separated, Joel still showed up to Aida's baptism, so he obviously cares about being a Braverman.

26. And despite everything, Joel still went to help out Crosby when he needed help renovating his floorboards.

Peet called Joel a "family man" right after telling him she was giving up pursuing him.

27. So they clearly can't go on without each other.

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