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13 Pets Hilariously Confused By Glass

This is everything.

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1. "So close, and yet so far."

2. "Every time. I fall for it EVERY TIME."

3. "Hi... I was just...just testing the air."

4. "I must first conquer this force field. BUT HOW?"

5. "Why, you little.......d'oh."

6. "There is no bouncing back from this shame."

7. "We're just naturally poised dancers. That's our secret."

8. "It's fine, I'm fine. I SAID don't help me!"

9. "I don't understand but I'm too tired to question it."

10. "The longer I do this, the less I know who I really am."

11. "Who are you who are you who are you?"

12. "Why must there be boundaries keeping me from the one I love?"


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