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19 People Whose Love Of Cheese Went Too Far

It's no gouda.

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1. The person who put 1,000 slices of cheese on their Whopper.

2. The one sporting this manicure.

3. This person who just decided to make some mac 'n cheese.

4. The coworker who ordered this very special surprise.

5. This woman eating a full block of cheese.

6. This girl who found the perfect prom dress.

7. Anna Kendrick, apparently.

8. And Odd Future?

9. The person who placed this order.

10. This kinky individual.

11. This very overwhelmed cat.

12. The punny person behind this chalkboard.

13. This actual criminal.

14. Whoever designed this rather hyperbolic grater.

15. The genius behind this Blastoise made of pure cheddar.

16. Whoever picked out this engagement ring.

17. This person who knows who their real friends are.

18. This fish that looks EXACTLY like a glob of cheese.

19. And possibly the entire world.

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