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    27 Nature Vines That Will Immediately Calm You

    Bless the #6secondsofcalm hashtag.

    1. Sometimes all you need is a dog and a wheatfield.

    2. But you also don't necessarily need sunlight to feel soothed.

    3. Nothing beats panning over a famous Irish lake.

    4. Or how about a lovely sunset in Johannesburg?

    5. There's this gorgeous, sun-soaked field in Mexico.

    6. How about that Southern Cali sunset?

    7. A chilly night in Italy is still a beautiful night.

    8. Halong Bay in Vietnam is where you need to be right now.

    9. South Beach doesn't have to be sunny to be stunning.

    10. Sometimes you just need to reflect on life.

    11. Fact: scenic train rides will heal you.

    12. And even melancholy settings can make you feel at peace.

    13. This palm tree can do no wrong.

    14. Occasionally, a still night is all you ever want.

    15. An idyllic car ride would totally hit the spot right about now.

    16. Because sometimes you just miss your hometown.

    17. This is the one perk of a long flight.

    18. (Seriously.)

    19. Who could get mad at little streaks of sunlight?

    20. A quiet walk through the woods will fix your soul.

    21. Clouds against a bright sky will improve the sulkiest of moods.

    22. Summer hasn't begun until your toes have touched the ocean.

    23. Cherry blossom trees are the universal symbols of extreme chill.

    24. This Maine seashell wishes you the best.

    25. And this barn in Montana is a beacon of calm.

    26. Really - what more could you ask for in life than a flawless sunset?

    27. Sometimes, you simply just need to step outside.