The 23 Most Dubious Chip Flavors Created By The Internet

Good thing we have professionals in charge of this IRL. Photos from

Lays is doing a promotional contest where users can create their own flavors.

Which, of course, means plenty of artistic liberties:

1. By Dan D.:

Inspiration: “yeah”

2. By Anna C.:

Inspiration: “desu”

3. By Kelsey P.:

Inspiration: “!!”

4. By Dan D.:

Inspiration: “That guy and his stuff…”

5. By Chalie N.:

Inspiration: “Mmmmm”

6. By Anna E.:

Inspiration: “embarrassment”

7. By Jacob K.:

Inspiration: “eat away your shame of past decisions”

8. By Bella H.:

Inspiration: “BENEDICT”

9. By Jifu L.:

Inspiration: “you know what I mean”

10. By Conor C.:

Inspiration: “#yummy”

11. By Asd A.:

Inspiration: “#yummy #poisonous”

12. By Petruta C.:

Inspiration: “eh”

13. By Zoosmell P.:

Inspiration: “???? What is this ????”

14. By Jack P.:

Inspiration: “But shit, it was 99 cents!”

15. By Dillon H.:

Inspiration: “WHo needs chap stick?”

16. By Zaaboor H.:

Inspiration: “when i tried jalapeno i wondered how it would taste when you add it to chips so here it is!!!!!!!”

17. By Amanda C.:

Inspiration: “All of the flavors look the same,and be honest you know you’ve mixed up two sauce because they look the same. Well, it should be a chip now.”

18. By Princess S.:

Inspiration: “Periods suck. But hot cocoa and bananas always ease my pain!”

19. By Kylie K.:

Inspiration: “regret”

20. By Nick P.:

Inspiration: “The flavor of pain and tears at its finest.”

21. By Kelsey P.:

Inspiration: “hard”

22. By Kaksoispiste D.:

Inspiration: “maybe more imagine”

23. By Anders H.:

Inspiration: “A ‘Spicy’ lifestyle”

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