33 Jokes That Went Way Over Your Head As A Kid


1. When Rocko was chased with pitchforks for “liking rainbows.”


2. When Ren and Stimpy, uh, did this:


3. When this “no ball playing” sign perfectly covered some naked old guy:


4. When Arnold and Helga were Baywatchin’ while Arnold’s grandpa smoked some reefer:

Nickelodeon / geek-bait.tumblr.com

Nickelodeon / geek-bait.tumblr.com


5. And when his grandpa made his love of weed really known:

Nickelodeon / Via annettebamf.tumblr.com

6. When Grandpa Pickles was responsible for Pearl Harbor?

Nickelodeon / Rugrats

Nickelodeon / Rugrats

Nickelodeon / Rugrats


7. And when Arnold’s grandpa beat the crap out of Hitler:

Nickelodeon / Via peteneems.tumblr.com


8. When Chocolate Boy “detoxed”:

Nickelodeon / Via star-bellied-boy.tumblr.com

9. When Tommy had some anatomical questions for Lil:

Nickelodeon / Via gurl.tumblr.com

10. When Miss Finster did this:

11. When Lou played Russian roulette for fun:

Nickelodeon / Via toast-d.tumblr.com

12. Or when he told the kids about his late-night movie tastes.

Nickelodeon / Via verythirsty.tumblr.com

13. When Heffer and Filbert played “Spank the Monkey”:

Nickelodeon / Via blog.collegehumor.com

(Slang for masturbation)

14. Or when Rocko and Heffer hung at The Chokey Chicken:

(also slang for masturbation)

15. When Rocko had a brief stint as a phone sex operator:

16. When Rocko paid a visit to this doctor:

Nickelodeon / Via buttermybunz.tumblr.com

17. When Stinky was a part of the Illuminati:

Nickelodeon / Via reggiemoo.tumblr.com

18. When Timmy Turner learned he was a mistake:

Nickelodeon / Via xoxbaby.tumblr.com

19. And when this girl learned her parents had some deep regrets:

Cartoon Network / Via angelan74.tumblr.com

20. When Squidward had sex with a Krabby Patty:

Nickelodeon / Via blackrose813.tumblr.com

21. Or when some bunnies got busy REAL fast:

Nickelodeon / Via blog.collegehumor.com

22. When SpongeBob’s, er, nose was poking out:

23. When Rocko accidentally touched a butt:

Nickelodeon / Via beyondhighh.tumblr.com

24. When SpongeBob possibly watched porn:

Nickelodeon / Via justsmileemliedo.tumblr.com

25. When Timmy may or may not have been jerking off:

Nickelodeon / Via jpmccool.tumblr.com

26. When this happened:

27. When Wanda referenced WWI:

Nickelodeon / Via tasia-reader.tumblr.com

28. Or when Cosmo pissed off Tom Sawyer:


29. When the Animaniacs hung out with Prince:

30. When Ginger’s mom hit on the plumber:

Nickelodeon / Via snolikezpizza.tumblr.com

31. When this character existed:

Cartoon Network / Via perfectly-shy.tumblr.com

32. When these babies talked about circumcised penises:

Nickelodeon / Via natashainkster.tumblr.com

33. And when Stu Pickles had an existential breakdown:

Nickelodeon / Via metalbended.tumblr.com

Always a classic.

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#2, #11 and #22 are actually fake (but are too funny to take out.)

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