How To Get Into Working Out As An Adult If You Hated High School Sports

    Written by someone who's been there, truuuuust me.

    It can be hard to get into regular exercise when, ya know, maybe you didn't exactly try too hard in your high school P.E. class.

    1. Start small.

    me doing one bicep curl at the gym

    Going from being pretty sedentary to a die-hard CrossFit enthusiast right away is a big leap. Instead, just start with taking longer walks, doing light cardio on bikes or ellipticals, or going to a beginners yoga class. All of these things can still make a noticeable impact on your mental and physical wellbeing, even if they're not as easily quantifiable as running 13 miles or climbing a V5.

    2. Make the change ASAP instead of waiting for a time like New Year's.

    3. Pick something that doesn't feel like exercise.

    4. Invest in a gym membership and decent equipment, even if you're only starting out.

    5. Set a (reasonable!) plan for yourself you can't easily get out of.

    6. Enlist a friend (or five.)

    7. Spend time curating that playlist or podcast queue.

    8. Track how you feel over time.

    And, most importantly: don't give up!