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How Some Russian News Outlets Are Covering The Malaysian Plane Crash

Here are the current front pages of a few Russian news websites.

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The downing of a Malaysian Airlines flight led front pages around the world today. In Russia, the story was a little more complicated.


The Guardian's Shaun Walker wrote on Friday about the absence of the Malaysian plane crash from Russian news outlets.

Walker wrote: "the state-run Rossiyskaya Gazeta led with a story about the eating habits of Russians, relegating the 298 deaths on board MH17 to the bottom of the front page."

Russia Today's coverage of the tragedy led reporter Sara Firth to quit after the outlet blamed Ukraine for the attack.

Sara Firth / Via

"It’s not worth mentioning. It’s Russia Today all over, it’s flirting with that border of overtly lying. You’re not telling a lie, you’re just bringing something up. I didn’t want to watch a story like that, where people have lost loved ones and we’re handling it like that."