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This Couple Got Engaged After Doing This Classic Love Experiment

"The questions were a big catalyst to our bonding."

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Around the same time, the New York Times published a viral article where a woman tried a love experiment that involves answering 36 questions and staring into a partner's eyes for four minutes.

Brian Rea / The New York Times

In the article, the author says that the experiment helped bring her closer to a man who would shortly after become her boyfriend.

Inspired by the article, a bunch of BuzzFeed staffers tried the same experiment.

Alice Mongkonglite / BuzzFeed

It involved eight pairs, ranging from blind first dates to couples who've been together for over a decade, trying out the experiment and reporting back on how they felt during and after.


So, after reading the BuzzFeed post, Alice and Jimmy decided to give the experiment a try on their second date.

Alice Kim

"I think we’re both so analytical that though we appeared to take the process lightheartedly, I think we were both somewhat serious in carefully listening to and reflecting on the answers," Jimmy told BuzzFeed.

"After we finished, I remember taking a really deep breath and thinking, Oh, shit. He's actually it," Alice told BuzzFeed.

By the third date, they were already in love. By June, they had moved in together and met each other's parents.

Alice Kim

"I think we're together for so many reasons — Jimmy's scientific approach to finding a mate, his maturity, his openness to the opportunity, fate — but I think the questions were a big catalyst to our bonding," Alice told BuzzFeed.

Now, almost six months later, they are engaged and happily awaiting their wedding.

"We haven't received one 'Isn't this too fast?' comment. I think our love for each other is confident and really shows," Alice told BuzzFeed.