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21 Experiences Only The Overly-Enthusiastic Know To Be True

The Leslie Knopes of the world, unite!

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1. You always stand out in the mornings.

Everyone hates me in the morning. #happyprobs

Emily Laster@emilylaster

Everyone hates me in the morning. #happyprobs

09:20 AM - 2 Mar 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

2. Your smile is consistently the same width in every photo.

3. And sometimes you grin from random happy thoughts and make people think you’re insane.

Columbia Pictures / Via

4. You have to mine your texts for too many ":)" and "!"

5. You always want to stay out the latest out of everyone due to your unusually-high energy levels.

Paramount Pictures / Via

6. And you're easily pleased by even the smallest things.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

7. You secretly love inspirational quotes and puns.

8. And you struggle with finding what to tweet about sometimes because sarcasm isn't your forte.

9. You always notice when someone’s energy doesn’t match yours, and it’s like 99% of the time.

Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer / Via

10. So you either seek people who share the same excitement for life --

11. Or who perfectly balance it out.

Nickelodeon / Via

12. You don't always know how to react when someone complains about something mundane.

13. And, at times, you feel like you're the only one who sees the good in a crappy situation.

14. You have to be conscious of how loud you are when you're excited about something.

Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer / Via

15. And you're always down to dance, no matter how goofy you look.

16. Sometimes people misinterpret you as being sarcastic.

17. Or just plain phony.

18. And people have definitely questioned your intelligence.

19. But you can always be counted on to laugh at a joke, no matter how cheesy.

20. And you're always the force that pushes people to care more.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

21. Basically, you are a boost of inspiration to everyone around you. Never change!

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