19 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Right-Brained Person

Can you make it through this post without daydreaming halfway through?

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Scientists say that brain lateralization is just a myth, but they're wrong! This is real:

11. You’d rather write an essay than take a multiple-choice exam.

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A timed test with limited answers? No thanks. You'd rather have a few hours to say exactly what you mean and defend your reasoning.

13. You’re really brave when it comes to pursuing what you want, but your feelings are also easily hurt.

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You'll totally make a first move on that crush you'd have for three months, but any rejection can also mean the end of the world.

15. You get really excited about the tiniest of details related to your favorite series or film, but get easily bored in daily conversations with people.

16. You’re great at recognizing people’s faces but can’t remember names of new people to save your life.