19 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Right-Brained Person

Can you make it through this post without daydreaming halfway through?

Scientists say that brain lateralization is just a myth, but they’re wrong! This is real:

1. You’re easily swept up by your imagination.

Right-brained people are known to live inside their head.

2. If you come up with an artistic idea, you have to stop everything you’re doing and write it down.


Nickelodeon / johnnydepp.co.vu


You have so many filled-up notebooks from your constant distractions.

3. And you’re totally guilty of doodling all over your math notebooks.

Numbers are just guidelines to amazing art, everyone knows that.

4. You have some strange talents, like tying seemingly unrelated things together.


Which makes you a star English student, at least.

5. You love to read and write, but you don’t know the difference between a preposition and a conjunction.

And who cares, as long as you can appreciate the work in question?

6. And you’ve tried to learn at least three languages but struggled with memorizing grammar rules.

Cartoon Network / Via ianlikesdrumz.tumblr.com

Uh, at least you tried?

7. You have an easier time writing a silly message on your bill than actually calculating tip.

~pats on back~

8. You need to have music on when doing work, even though it can make your mind wander.

Even if it’s just instrumental music.

9. And you love everything about music, but playing it on rhythm and counting each beat perfectly can be really difficult for you.

8ft. Records / Via grimalkinsmile.tumblr.com

What the hell is a “quarter rest”?

10. You rely on visuals when learning new things.

Your visual memory single-handedly helped you memorize so many flashcards.

11. You’d rather write an essay than take a multiple-choice exam.

Nickelodeon / Via vivicool995.tumblr.com

A timed test with limited answers? No thanks. You’d rather have a few hours to say exactly what you mean and defend your reasoning.

12. You appreciate a well-crafted sentence more than anyone, but you also think as you talk and don’t always edit.


13. You’re really brave when it comes to pursuing what you want, but your feelings are also easily hurt.

You’ll totally make a first move on that crush you’d have for three months, but any rejection can also mean the end of the world.

14. You are meticulous when it comes to creating a piece of art, but your desk is covered with scattered papers.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via lifehardcoreandpunks.tumblr.com

Art must be perfect. Everything else…eh.

15. You get really excited about the tiniest of details related to your favorite series or film, but get easily bored in daily conversations with people.

Lions Gate Films / Via brisefille.tumblr.com

Ordinary conversation = yawnsville.

16. You’re great at recognizing people’s faces but can’t remember names of new people to save your life.

AKA Having to remember five people right after you’ve been introduced is IMPOSSIBLE.

17. Fictional characters have shaped your personality more than real people.


18. You’ve questioned the whole notion of morality and think it’s more important to be kind than to be right.

To you, nothing is black and white.

19. You live in your own world.

And you know what? It’s pretty magical.

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