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    29 Disney-Themed Cocktails You Need To Try ASAP

    The only magic potions you need in your life.

    1. "Coldfront"

    2. "Seeing Spots"

    3. "Bone Daddy"

    4. "Sea Witch"

    5. "Curious Confection"

    6. "One With Nature"

    7. "Maleficent"

    8. "Golden God" and "Weak Ankles"

    9. "Porcelain Warrior" and "Mushu"

    10. "Sirens Song"

    11. "Glass Slipper"

    12. "Red Queen" and "Curious Cat"

    13. "Mad Tea"

    14. "Rebel Royal"

    15. "Snake Eyes"

    16. "Fools Gold"

    17. "Lily of the Sun"

    18. "Warlord"

    19. "Royal Vizier"

    20. "Fair Maiden", "Grumpy" and "Evil to the Core"

    21. "Belle of the Ball"

    22. "Sleep Cycle"

    23. "Burly and Brawny"

    24. "Evil Step Mother"

    All recipes courtesy of Cocktails by Cody.

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