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    16 Creative Ways To Work Out If You Live In NYC

    In case you're already having second thoughts about that new year's resolution, have no fear! There's more to exercise than your standard gym routine.

    1. Virtual Surfing


    The surfboard actually wobbles around like a real one, so you actually get a balanced workout (no pun intended) as you do yoga-like stretches while also trying not to fall off.

    Great for: Balance, strengthening your core, and cardio health.

    Price: Depends on what gym you're a member of (according to SurfSET)

    2. Rock Climbing/Bouldering


    Basically, you trick yourself into actually working out your arms because you suddenly become obsessed with reaching the top or getting to the next hardest level. GENIUS.

    Great for: Upper body strength, flexibility, endurance.

    Price: Monthly Auto-Pay $99 +$50 for registration (according to Brooklyn Boulders)

    3. Yoga Fight Club

    Via Facebook: Yoga-Fight-Club

    If only Tyler Durden went to yoga fight club instead -- an intensive fusion of vinyasa and kickboxing would probably been a healthier way to let off steam.

    Great for: Cardio health, flexibility, stamina.

    Price: $5 (according to Om Factory)

    4. Burlesque Dancing

    Norman Blake / Via

    Working out doesn't have to mean feeling sloppy in sweats. Burlesque dancing is a great way to work on your self-confidence while also toning your body and improving your flexibility. Not to mention it's sexy. Duh.

    Great for: Flexibility and also your abs.

    Price: $95 for 4 sessions (according to The New York School of Burlesque)

    5. Trampoline


    These individual trampolines are less about impressing your middle school friends with backflips and more about being in constant motion and finding your center.

    Great for:
    Stamina, concentration, overall muscle workout.

    Price: $18 for a first-time class (according to JumpLife)

    6. Trapeze

    Millie L. / Via

    For those who ever watched Cirque du Soleil and felt irrationally jealous of the performers, there are plenty of trapeze and parkour classes around the city, even ones for beginners. LIVE YOUR DREAM.

    Great for: Your whole body, balance, flexibility.

    Price: $15 (according to STREB)

    7. Juggling

    Eric Harvey Brown / Via

    It sounds silly, but even the beginner courses offer a nice cardio workout from constantly being in motion. And you learn a new nifty trick to show off at every party you go to from now, which is probably the most important factor of all.

    Great for: Cardio health, concentration, toning your arms.

    Price: $15 (according to JuggleFit)

    8. Bollywood Dancing

    Nikhil Khadtare / Via

    Modern-style Bollywood dancing (which incorporates fast-paced hip hop music) can get pretty intensive and help you stay in shape while also being a ton of fun. It's Nicki Minaj meets Bride and Prejudice and who doesn't want that life?

    Great for: Your overall body, cardio health, balance, flexibility.

    Price: $89 for 5 beginner classes (according to Bollywood Funk NYC)

    9. Skateboarding


    Admit it: you've always wanted to try it (especially if you grew up on Rocket Power and those weird finger skateboards from the '90s). And, with enough classes, maybe it can become an alternate mode of transportation around the city.

    Great for: Balance, flexibility.

    Price: $36 for a group class, $80 for private lessons (according to Skateboarding School)

    10. Hula Hooping


    Have you ever seen the body of a "hooper"? Those abs are anything but child's play, and with it being something you can practice outdoors on your own, it's definitely affordable, as far as city workouts go. Plus, it's a great way to get over all that trauma you went through as a clumsy seven-year-old who kept dropping the hoop.

    Great for: Stamina, toning your abs, flexibility.

    Price: $20 (according to The Art of Fitness)

    11. Outdoor Bootcamp


    Bootcamps are all about getting insanely fit while also feeling connected to the environment, intended for people who want a serious workout without being confined to a room. Because seriously, SCREW WEIGHTS.

    Great for: Everything.

    Price: $110 for 3 classes (according to Stacy's Bootcamp)

    12. Aerial Yoga


    If you've always struggled to relax while doing the downward facing dog because the weight of your entire body is being held up by your weak arms and you just can't anymore -- this may be for you. You're suspended in the air, which helps open up your movement and free up your body, making it really accessible and, honestly, pretty cool because you're focused on flying instead of how many minutes left until you can reward the yoga pain with a burger.

    Great for: Your whole body, awareness, flexibility.

    Price: Depends on your gym (according to AntiGravity Fitness)

    13. Pole Dancing

    It's an unfairly stigmatized dance form and can be a really empowering form of artistic expression. But yeah, it's also probably the sexiest way to work on your ab strength.

    Great for: Flexibility, muscle strength, cardio, toning.

    Price: $120 for 5 classes (according to Foxy Fitness)

    14. Chair Fitness


    Sure, you might get a few eyebrow raises from your parents when you say you're doing "chair fitness", but the joke's on them -- you actually ending up getting a full body workout and making virtually every muscle stronger through an assortment of exercises.

    Great for: Toning, muscle strength, strengthening your core.

    Price: $33 for 3 classes (according to Chaise Fitness)

    15. Zumba


    A fun yet intensive fusion of salsa, hip-hop, martial arts and a ton of other influences, Zumba is perfect for toning just about any part of your body without your eye on the clock the whole time. And you can be like this legendary dude.

    Great for: Your abs, thighs, arms -- you name it.

    Price: FREE (according to Shape Up NYC)

    16. Virtual Fitness


    Did you read this whole list and think "that's kinda cool, but when do I have time to go change, go to x gym, get home, shower, and still do something in the evening before work tomorrow"? Luckily, there are some really great apps for your phone/iPad that let you do your daily routine in the comfort of your own home/tiny East Village apartment.

    Great for: (Depends on your workout of choice)

    Price: $9.99 a month (according to Booya Fitness)

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