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    8 Crazy Things Women Once Used As Birth Control

    Hint: A surprising amount of weasel testicles.

    Family planning organization EngenderHealth recently released a video exploring the very bizarre and even dangerous methods of contraception used in the past.

    1. Crocodile dung was mixed with honey and attempted to be used as a spermicide.

    2. Weasel testicles were worn during intercourse.

    3. Onion juice was believed to be an oral contraceptive.

    4. As was blacksmith water filled with lead.

    5. And ground beaver testicles stirred with moonshine.

    6. A thimble was somehow supposed to work as a diaphragm.

    7. Pig intestines were used as condoms for centuries.

    8. And carbonated beverages were inserted as a last-minute hope to prevent pregnancy post-sex.

    According to the video, there are currently 220 million women in the world who don't have access to birth control, a problem EngenderHealth hopes to fix.

    Watch the full video here.

    View this video on YouTube

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