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43 Adorable Couples' Tattoos That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Love can be forever.

1. This charmingly badass rose-and-dagger duo.

2. This set of delicately-designed animal tats.

3. This "Just Married" geometric design of an adorable pair of wedded seals.

4. These exact same hand-holding tats.

5. These complimentary and simple sun and moon icons.

6. This rugged working class couple.

7. This compass and anchor for the stablest of couples.

8. (Or a more subtle pairing):

9. The most {literary} of signifiers.

10. These "Mr. & Mrs." wedding tattoo bands.

11. This pair of his & her Pacmen.

12. These fashion-forward Comme des Garçons graphics.

13. This perfectly-paired paper airplane for his arm/her foot.

14. This Nightmare Before Christmas style lock-and-key-hole set.

15. And these elaborate ones.

16. These geometric white ink tattoos.

17. The classic couples' tat: King & Queen suits.

18. That can be made a little more understated:

19. These detailed-yet-subtle sailor tats.

20. This couple's cute expression for their love of each other, and pizza.

21. This cutesy and geeky Minnie and Mickey mouse design.

22. And this adorable black & white kissing one.

23. Acorns. Because why not.

24. These coordinating diamonds.

25. ...taken to a cool, geeky level:

26. This pair's elaborate personal designs.

27. These two identical vintage imprints.

28. ...with a twist:

29. The sweetest and simplest of couples' ink.

30. This dragonfly and scarab that prove insects aren't always gross.

31. This perfect vegan pairing.

32. These simple and easy ankle tats.

33. These delightful dinosaurs.

34. These amorous lovebirds.

35. These sweet tetris pieces for the gaming duo.

36. ...Or Mario and Peach, for the Nintendo 64 generation.

37. These beautifully minimalist triangles.

38. This lovely skull and rose for a Victorian edge.

39. This perfectly-symmetrical floral graphic.

40. This joint homage to The Little Prince.

41. These delicately quaint wedding bands.

42. This eternal game of telephone.

43. And this heartwarming two-part message.