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    39 Cakes That Couldn't Have Said It Better

    Here's to a lifetime of honesty.

    1. The sweet, sweet truth.

    2. A pretty invitation to GTFO.

    3. "I'm leaving you" sounds better in French.


    5. If you say so.

    6. As long as you're sorry.

    7. Honesty is the best birthday gift.

    8. Something we should all appreciate.

    9. The only thing really worth celebrating.

    10. Ouch.

    11. The words of a true friend.

    12. Ughhh, fine. Forgiven.

    13. What's on literally all our minds.

    14. Sometimes you need to know your shortcomings in order to advance.

    15. We've all been there.

    16. We've DEFINITELY all been there.

    17. Shit never looked so good.

    18. What every menstrual cycle should come with.

    19. For all the Jennifer Lawrences out there.

    20. Sometimes you just need to know when to quit.

    21. * sips pumpkin spice latte *

    22. Why be phony?

    23. This makes everything better.

    24. A good cake mends all bridges.

    25. Irony is best served sweet and gooey.

    26. It's tough to contain the excitement.

    27. Apology definitely accepted.

    28. Sashay away.

    29. It happens to the best of us.

    30. This too.

    31. The emergency cake we all need to have.

    32. It's good to get this out of the way early.

    33. Because you need to hear it.

    34. A cake only halfway makes it better.

    35. Sweet and right to the point.

    36. Can you handle the truth?

    37. Well, CAN you???

    38. Self-loathing binds us all.

    39. The best cake in the world.