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    Dating Advice You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self

    19 BuzzFeed employees answered with some pretty great tips.

    1. You ARE dateable.

    2. Fall in love with yourself first.

    3. Don't pretend to like certain movies or music just because he does!

    4. Only sleep with people you actually like.

    5. If someone tells you they're "no good" or "trouble" — BELIEVE THEM and run!

    6. Serendipity isn't real.

    7. If a man 20+ years older than you says "only young women get me," RUN FAR AWAY.

    8. As a rule, don't get involved with anybody who is married.

    9. Hoe don't do it!!! —Your future self

    10. Don't spend your life looking for the "right" person. Make yourself the right person for you.

    11. You don't have to date a homophobe!

    12. If you have to constantly make excuses for his behavior, it's probably not worth it.

    13. Have sex with EVERYONE!

    14. Be honest with yourself about what you're feeling, and then be honest with everyone else.

    15. Don't do the long-distance college thing.

    16. Don't fall into guilt traps and stop trying to heal everyone.

    17. Love is real (holy shit).

    18. It's different 4 everyone.

    19. Listen to your mom.