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29 Fierce Dating Tips From Classic Hollywood Women

Audrey Hepburn knows how to HepBURN some boys.

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1. When you open Tinder and only have gross messages:

2. When your crush gives you a compliment:

3. When you're tired of dealing with bad attitudes:

4. When people need a reminder of all your amazing assets:

5. When a creep at a bar gets too handsy:

6. When some weirdo keeps buying you drinks and you're not into it:

7. When you get a creepy OkCupid opener:

8. When anyone tries to tell you what look they prefer on you:

9. When a self-proclaimed "nice guy" feels like you owe him a relationship:

10. When an ex gets drunk and suddenly wants you back:

11. When, even on bad days, you know your worth:

12. When you need first date ideas:

13. When you're just really feeling your look:

14. When you refuse to move things faster than you want to:

15. When all your date talks about is how you look:

16. When someone gets way too possessive and entitled:

17. When you keep your standards up high where they belong:

18. When someone tries to make you feel like you're not their priority:

19. When rotten exes can look, but ABSOLUTELY cannot touch:

20. When a dude tells you he's not into "those feminists":

21. When a guy you're seeing says "I like that you like sports, girls usually don't."

22. When you need to call out your date on their gender-normative views:

23. When you feel a bit guarded because of past bad relationships:

24. When you're expected to mold your life around someone else:

25. When someone needs to hear what you're about, in a nutshell:

26. When you know you're looking for more than empty promises:

27. When you know you just haven't found the right person:

28. When you're just fed up:

29. And when you realize you are perfectly happy being single:

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