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    Posted on Oct 15, 2015

    23 Times Marilyn Manson Was You AF

    "Marilyn, what drugs are you doing?" "Birth control pills!"

    1. When your friends want a night in drinking wine but you're feeling energetic:

    2. When you end up drunk at a McDonald's at 4am:

    3. And when you wake up hungover like you've never been before:

    4. When you go to brunch but the line is around the block:

    5. When you talk methods of contraception with your friends:


    "I'm on the IUD, you?"

    "Nuvaring all the way."

    6. When you get invited to the same event as your career rival:

    7. When a guy is intimidated by your success and negs you for it:

    8. When you've been on Tinder for an hour and swiped right on no one:

    9. When a boy tells you he's "a nice guy" and "not like the others":

    10. When you're doing your own thing dancing and suddenly feel someone grinding up on you:

    11. When you see the most beautiful human you've ever laid eyes on walk into a party:

    12. When you hook up with a rando and the sex is actually baller:

    13. When you go out with a guy your height or shorter:

    14. When you run into your ex:

    15. When you thirst over Johnny Depp:

    16. When you're having a particularly fantastic boob day:

    17. When you try on an outfit that looks incredible and you walk out of the dressing room to show your friends:

    18. When you realize your friend is taking a candid of you:

    19. When you think about how fabulous your future kids could be:

    20. When your grandparents still treat you like a kid even though you have a salaried job and savings account:

    21. When your best friend moves but you still talk all the time:

    22. When you feel a little lost in life in general:

    23. And when you're just unsure of your life and future but are embracing it anyway.

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