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    18 Jokes From '00s Children's Television That Make More Sense As An Adult

    Is Troy Bolton not me?

    1. When Zoey 101 talked about periods:

    2. When Cody Martin modelled the 20-something aesthetic:

    3. When Troy Bolton was forced to think ahead:

    4. When Lisa Zemo was woke AF:

    5. When Chef Paolo sexualized olive oil:

    6. When Troy Bolton summed up the anxieties of adulting:

    7. When Victorious understood the female puberty struggle:

    8. When Cory Baxter made a statement:

    9. When Chef Paolo had a midnight snack:

    10. When Quinn Penskey came up with an "D+" invention:

    11. When London Tipton expressed her love of the bourgeois:

    12. When Raven and Eddie reached the pinnacle of laziness:

    13. When Muriel admitted to catfishing before you even knew what catfishing was:

    14. When Jackson Stewart demonstrated the most relatable stress coping mechanism:

    15. When Zoey 101 was actually really progressive:

    16. When Freddie Benson implied first-degree murder:

    17. When Zack Martin sounded an awful lot like your mother:

    18. And, of course, when Troy Bolton was literally you:

    Childhood = ruined.

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