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17 Times Camila Cabello Was Adorable AF On Instagram

Actual angel.

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1. When she made a raincoat look très chic:

2. When she literally roared with a lion:

So badass.

3. When she let us in on her little sister's weird sleeping habits:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

4. When she fangirled over walking behind Will Smith:

5. When Shawn Mendes pranked her while she napped:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

7. When she shared the incredible story of a trans fan she inspired to transition:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

8. When she freaked out a private jet pilot:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

9. When she transformed into Princess Jasmin on Halloween:

10. When she got sick and posted from the hospital to let everyone know she was OK:

11. When she made this hilarious face:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

12. When she was a flower crown queen:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

13. When Taylor Swift threw her an 18th birthday party:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

15. When she documented her dentist appointment:

16. When she cooled herself down in a supermarket freezer:

Instagram: @camila_cabello

17. And, of course, when she channeled her inner Rosie the Riveter:

Keep slaying, Camila! 🌚

Epic / Syco

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