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16 Moments Only People With Two Cats Will Truly Understand

"Oh my god, look at her butt. It's COVERED in cat hair."

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1. Coming home every single day to two fluffy house greeters:

2. Seeing your pets adorably try to squeeze into the same spot:

3. Constantly feeling like you've interrupted a secret cat meeting:

4. Gushing over affectionate kitty head locks:

5. Having your feline children battle for your attention:

6. Trying to cuddle them both at the same time:

7. Accidentally making one cat jealous, despite your best efforts:

8. Watching them help each other wash those hard-to-reach spots:

9. Sitting in on feline yoga classes:

10. Observing them use one another as pillows:

11. Breaking up cat fights:

12. Witnessing the cutest spooning sessions:

13. Dealing with double-the-kitten-induced stress:

14. And cleaning up twice the mess:

15. But knowing that it's all worth it:

16. Because two really is better than one. 🐱 🐱 💕


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