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12 Reasons To Be Madly In Love With Taylor Swift's Little Brother

PSA: Taylor is not the only adorable Swift.

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You know Taylor Swift, right?


The cat-loving, audience-dancing, smash-hit-songwriting, country singer turned pop star and all around beautiful human being? Yeah, her.

No?! Well, allow me to explain why you should be...


2. He comes from humble beginnings.

at the after party austin leaned down from the banquette heaving with models in vip to whisper in taylor's ear "we grew up on a FARM!!" 😩❤️


4. He has his priorities straight.

Spent a good amount of time this morning weighing the pros and cons of having a picture of Cookie Monster for my phone's wallpaper


5. He is a wonderful uncle to Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

Realized while on fall break that there are essentially two kinds of cats. #MipsyandDibbles

7. He is sassy AF.

When someone says "you look tired" am I supposed to go to sleep right there on the spot or wait until the next time I get home?

9. He has a college education AND seizes opportunities to make Taylor Swift song references.

For me a significant part of "feeling 22" includes still taking pictures of good grades so I can send them to my parents.


10. He is the definition of puberty goals.

11. He asks the most important questions.

Has anyone made a wireless hot glue gun yet? That seems like it should be a thing

12. And, of course, he defends his sister like a good brother should.

Instagram: @austinkingsleyswift

Shade = thrown.

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