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    12 Things Every Hair Salon Receptionist Is Tired Of Hearing

    When will the phones stop ringing?!

    1. Excuses for being late to appointments.


    We don’t care if you’re stuck in traffic or if you got held up in work. We literally don’t care. Just get your ass here.

    2. The sound of being sent straight to voicemail after a client fails to show up to said appointment.

    Paramount Pictures

    *Ring, ring.* Click. REALLY?

    3. Complaints about prices.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Oh, I'm sorry. Just because your hair is “shorter” does not mean I can lower the price.

    4. The sound of the phone ringing.

    Dimension Films

    From the moment we walk in, to the moment anyone tries to talk to us, until the second before we walk out the door. It never fails. The. Phone. Always. Rings.

    5. "You're sure you have NO available apointments?"

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Yeah, pretty damn sure. It's my job to be sure.

    6. "How long am I going to have to wait?"


    Please close your mouth and go take a seat in reception. :)

    7. "Do you do nails and makeup here?"


    You're at a hair salon. H A I R.

    8. "Do you take credit cards?"


    It's 2015. WE ACCEPT THEM.

    9. "Can you tell me how long it will take to get from your salon to (insert name of restaurant)?"

    HBO / Via

    Do you see Google Maps anywhere in this salon? Anywhere?

    10. "Are you still open?"


    Is the current time outside the times listed online or on the door?

    11. "I know you're closed, but… I just need to buy ONE product. I'll be quick!"

    Bravo / Via

    The real question is, "am I ever going to get to go home?"

    12. And, "I know you're closing soon, but would you be able to squeeze in a wash and blow-dry?"

    Atlantic / Interscope


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