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Man Discovers That Santa He Visited 13 Years Ago Is His Father-In-Law

Be Nice To That Mall Santa.

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27-year-old Chris Burd thought he would never see the Santa who's lap he sat on 13 years ago, but he would be in for the shock of a lifetime. When it turned out that Santa would be his future father-in-law!

My mom was going through old photos and said she thinks one of my old Santa pictures was me sitting on my fiance's dad’s lap, And I just told her she’s nuts. So later in the week I went over to the house and saw it and decided it wasn't him. But later on, I took a closer look and was like, Oh my God. That’s Liz’s dad!

The Santa, Elmer Abbas, had been dressing up as Mr.Claus for 20 years, growing a real puffy beard. In 1998 it was the one and only time he worked as a Mall Santa Maplewood, Minnesota.

That was the first year that I convinced my family that enough kids had told me I looked like Santa so I could get a job at the mall,” Abbas said. Even geographically, it’s such a coincidence that he went to that mall. He’s originally from Ohio and had just moved here

While Burd said the realization was “definitely weird,” the couple decided to display the photo at their wedding right next to a shot Liz took with Santa/Dad the same year.

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