58 Plates Of Food With 200 Calories

Feeling Hungry?

2. 75g of a Jack in the Box Cheeseburger

3. 189g of Canned Black Beans

4. 50g of Werther’s Originals

5. 72g of a Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwich

6. 588g of Broccoli

7. 52g of a Glazed Donut

8. 72g of a French Roll

9. 125g of an Avacado

10. 308g of Corn Niblets

11. 570g of Baby Carrots

12. 189g of Canned Pork and Beans

13. 1425g of Celery

14. 496ml of Coca Cola

15. 41g of Doritos

16. 83g of Dried Apricots

17. 73g of Jack in the Box French Fries

19. 51g of Froot Loops

20. 290g of Grapes

21. 50g of Splenda

22. 51g of Gummy Bears

23. 36g of Hershey Kisses

24. 740g of Mini Hot Peppers

25. 553g of Honeydew Melon

26. 66g of a Hot Dog

27. 54g of Jelly Beans

28. 226g of Ketchup

31. 475g of Red Onions

32. 204g of Smoked Turkey

34. 57g of Rockets

35. 68g of Tootsie Pops

36. 333ml of Whole Milk

37. 357g of Canned Green Peas

38. 196g of Low Fat Yogurt

39. 189g of Canned Chili con Carne

40. 70g of a Sesame Seed Bagel

41. 60ml of Bailey’s Irish Cream

42. 54g of a Peanut Butter Power Bar

44. 52g of Salted Pretzels

45. 51g of Medium Cheddar Cheese

46. 50g of Saltine Crackers

47. 41g of a Snickers Bar

48. 40g of a Marshmallow Square

51. 35g of Sliced Almonds

54. 200ml of Balsamic Vinegar

55. 145g of Cooked Pasta

56. 102g of Canned Tuna in Oil

58. 72g of a Blueberry Muffin

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