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    19 People Talk About The Personal Insecurities That Took Them Years To Overcome

    Now these are some personal growth #goals.

    The end of the year isn't just the perfect time to dream about who we'll be in another 365 days — it's also an important moment to take stock of how much we've grown already.

    In celebration of all things ~personal growth~, BuzzFeed Brazil asked readers on Facebook about the biggest personal insecurities that they've overcome — or are working on overcoming — in the past years. Here are some of their most inspiring responses:

    1. "I HATED being the center of attention."

    2. "I wouldn't wear short skirts or shorts for years, because of my varicose veins."

    3. "I was really ashamed of my body until I realized it's the only one I've got."

    4. "I hated my thick legs, and I spent my whole life not wearing dresses."

    5. "I was the only black girl in my friend group ... I felt like I never fit the beauty standard."

    6. "I was scared to death of putting my hair up because I have big "'flap' ears."

    7. "For the first three years of my sex life, I had sex without taking off my bra."

    8. "I was ashamed of my really skinny legs."

    9. "I'd go to school with two pairs of pants on, and that was terribly hot."

    10. "It would be morbidly hot, and I'd still wear long-sleeved shirts to school."

    11. "I'd send nude pics to my boyfriend and apologize for not having the perfect body."

    12. "There was so much pressure, especially from my mother, that if I was too lenient raising my son, he'd grow up a failure."

    13. "I finally started feeling like my hair was beautiful."

    14. "I had allergy spots on my legs, so I'd only wear pants, even when it was hot."

    15. "Everybody said I had horrible lips, so to make them 'smaller,' I'd roll my lower lip in and bite it."

    16. "I felt very insecure talking in public ... because I was often told, even as a joke, that I was stupid."

    17. "In the summer, I'd only wear t-shirts and pants at all times."

    18. "I've always loved cropped tops, but I never wore them because I didn't have 'the body for it.'"

    19. "I spent years not wearing tank tops because my armpits were burned while being waxed."

    This post was translated from Portuguese. The responses have been edited for clarity and/or length.