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    31 Halloween Costumes From Target That’ll Help Everyone Step Up Their Game This Year

    Time to embrace spooky season. 🎃👻🔮💀

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A kids' red tube dancer inflatable costume, because who wouldn't want to dance around like those inflatables at car dealerships all night long!? Plus, the face hole makes sure it's safe for children to wear. Hilarious!

    A child is in an inflatable red tube costume that has a small black base, a silly face and yellow stringy hair

    2. A dog and cat Jackolantern pet hoodie so your furry friend can take part in all the fun. Made with ear cutouts, straps, and soft material, this outfit is designed to be comfortable for your pet. SO ADORABLE!

    A deep brown and orange colored dog is wearing a jack-o'-lantern orange hoodie with a green stem and silver face

    3. An adult light-up and sound boom box for the music and drama lover. Show off your creativity with this 'fit! Plus, how fun is it that it's an interactive costume?

    An adult is jumping and smiling while wearing the black, blue and red colored boom box rectangular vest

    4. An adult unicorn jumpsuit so you can live out all of your fantasies. This soft and 3D-like costume will be a blast to wear. Who said unicorns can't be real???

    An adult is posing excitedly while wearing the soft plush white costume with silver, purple pink and blue shiny and cloudy accents

    5. A blue ice dragon ride-on inflatable suit that'll make you feel like you're the main character of an action movie. Complete with the dragon costume, hat, air pump, and batteries, you'll be ready to fly off to your next party!

    An adult is sitting on a dark blue inflatable dragon and wearing a black warrior helmet

    6. A kids' light-up faceless ghost Halloween costume with accessories for a true spooky season aficionado. This creepy costume will turn heads and cause jump scares. Plus, it's comfy enough to wear all day.

    A child is wearing a black robe with ripped white gauze, long black fingers and nails and red light-up eyes against a faceless covering

    7. A squirrel pirate rider dog and cat costume because UH, WHAT?! This adorable and funny accessory will give your pet a friend of its own. We can guarantee it'll grab everyone's attention.

    Dog wearing the squirrel-riding costume

    8. An adult smores couple costume to make a relationship power move. These easy-to-wear costumes can be paired with any outfit underneath. Enjoy Halloween in style while matching with your boo!

    There are two adults: one is wearing a graham cracker with marshmallow tunic and another with a graham cracker and chocolate tunic

    9. An adult velvet black cape because it'll make you feel sexy and mysterious. This addition is easy to pair with any costume and adds a luxurious feel. Obsessed.

    An adult in a floor-length black sparkle dress and black sandals wears the large black cape with the hood up

    10. A kids' light-up pastel rainbow jumper that comes with a vest and headpiece. This costume will bring smiles on holidays and dress-up days. Brighten their day with this 'fit!

    A child wears the lit up rainbow vest with a cloud at the bottom and a headpiece with a cloud  and gold spikes

    11. An adult koala kit with a mask for a fun, quick, and easy costume. The fuzzy hat with a built-in mask makes it easy to stay safe and have fun. This costume is perfect for the last-minute Halloween fan.

    The grey fuzzy headpiece has white tufted ears and a grey mask with a nose and mouth

    12. A kids' medusa dress complete with a dress, belt, armbands and a headpiece. This screams glamour through shiny and beautiful color tones. Time to shine!

    A child wears a green, black purple shiny medusa costume with draping armbands and a snake-like headpiece

    13. A pair of monarch butterfly wings so they can feel free! These beautiful wings have a wonderful pattern and sheen. They also come with helpful wrist loops for ease of movement. Beautiful!

    A child wears the orange and black wings and jumps into the air

    14. A candy corn dog and cat sweater for your fur babies. Help your pet stay warm and stunt on everyone with this sequined gem. *Cue cuteness aggression.*

    15. An adult ketchup costume with a vest and hat! This choice is a fun and light idea for any celebration. The soft material makes sure you stay comfy while having fun. Yum!

    An adult is wearing a vest that says "SAVORY & TASTY TOMATO KETCHUP" and a red hat reminiscent of the top of a squeeze bottle

    16. A kids' adaptive Spider-Man core costume that has a padded top with an accessibility flap and seatless pants. It's time to be a superhero!

    A child in an adaptive chair is wearing a red and blue Spiderman outfit

    17. A kids' construction cone costume for a cute and funny outfit. They will quite literally stop traffic in this adorable pick. It's easy to spot clean, too!

    A child is wearing a full length orange cone with two silver reflective strips and a face opening

    18. A kids' adaptive princess dress with a headpiece perfect for those with sensory needs. With an opening in the back to make it easy to wear, this beautiful gown will make them feel regal. Gorgeous!

    A child sitting in an adaptive chair is wearing a pink and gold gown and a small crown

    19. A kids' Luca costume so they can feel like the star of their own hit movie! With a long-sleeve scale top, detachable sea monster tail, and foam mask, they'll be ready to go! Bellissimo.

    A child is wearing the green, blue and purple toned scale top, tail and half mask

    20. A toddler Paw Patrol Skye costume that's a Target exclusive! Help them live out their show dreams through this adorable outfit. So sweet!

    A child wears the purple and pink dress with a badge and a purple and pink headpiece with brown floppy ears

    21. A kids' X-ray skeleton jumpsuit for a creepy and scary vibe. The jumpsuit, mask, and gloves have an icy blue skeleton print that stays true to the scary spirit. Boo!

    A child wears an all black jumpsuit, gloves and mask print with white and blue skeleton patterns

    22. A pineapple dog hoodie so your pet can look as sweet as you know they are. This bright yellow outfit will help your pet stand out while on a walk and the fuzzy fabric won't irritate them. 🍍

    A small bulldog is wearing the fuzzy yellow pineapple outfit with green accents and a green crown

    23. An adult disco diva costume to transport you back into a groovy time. We love a good throwback moment. Have fun dancing in this extravagant 'fit! 🕺

    An adult wears a  mu;ti-colored shiny disco shirt and pant set

    24. An adult Billie Eilish classic costume for pop fanatics. Be Billie for the day and enjoy her eclectic style in this oversized costume with a custom mask and hair. Be the bad guy, duh. 🎶

    An adult is in a bright green outfit with "DUH," "BILLIE" and "EILISH" written all over in script font with a black mask and green and black hair with space buns.

    25. An adult thief costume so you can feel like a badass. This comes with a jumpsuit, utility belt with pouches, and a mask. Time to go steal someone's heart with this look.

    An adult wears a black tight zippered up  jumpsuit, black heeled boots, a black mask and a black utility belt with pouches

    26. An adult one-size inflatable dragon bodysuit because you'll have a blast running around in such a fun costume. This playful costume with 3D details will draw out laughs and compliments. Eek!

    An adult wears a grey, black and red dragon costume that has wings, a head and legs complete with spikes and talons

    27. A toddler Paw Patrol Chase costume with the cutest accents. Your little one will love being a part of this fantasy world for the day! Plus, the soft minky jumpsuit ensures they stay comfortable.

    Child wearing the costume

    28. A kids' adaptive The Incredibles Dash costume from a Disney classic. This great outfit will make any kid feel ~incredible.~ SO fun!

    A child standing with an adaptive device wears the black and red incredibles bodysuit with the yellow black and orange "i" logo on the chest

    29. A kids' mummy suit for a ~haunted~ vibe. This easy-to-take-off-and-wear costume takes all the complications out of dressing up like a mummy. Plus, it's comfortable and cool!

    A child wears the ivory-colored bodysuit with white gauze strips

    30. An adult Victorian dress for an old-fashioned take on this holiday. Whether you come up with an elaborate backstory for your character or not, you'll feel fancy and creepy. Plus, you can reuse it for themed or decade parties!

    An adult wears a black long dress with puffed sleeves and white and purple ruffle detailing

    31. A sunflower cat costume that'll add such a charming look. Your cat will look like a sweet little flower, even if they aren't acting like one that day. Have fun and dress your pet responsibly!

    A grey cat is wearing the yellow petal headpiece with brown trim around its face

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