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    31 Bestselling Home Products From Walmart That Are Worth Every Penny

    These tried and true pieces will help you *thrive* in your space and make you feel truly at home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An adjustable curtain rod in gold to add an extra oomph to your windows. With super-easy installation and its beautiful satin gold finish, you'll swoon over how dreamy this rod will make your space feel.

    The gold rod has a cylindrical end and is holding up a white linen curtain

    2. A Better Homes & Gardens yarn-dyed floor cushion for a comfy aesthetic. Whether you want to use this at home or outside, the leather handle makes it easy to handle. Adorable picnic, anyone?

    The black gingham floor pillow has a brown handle

    3. A black stone faux succulent to add a relaxing feel to your space. This plant won't die or wilt and needs zero maintenance (other than a quick dusting once in awhile). Pretty great, right?

    The planter is has black and white stripes and four green plants

    4. A full-length beveled-edge mirror so you can check out all your favorite fits. This reflection won't change over time and it'll naturally open up the room. You're looking great today!

    The mirror is a long rectangular shape with reflective beveled edges

    5. A scraper welcome and outdoor doormat for all your visitors. It's made from a 100% recycled crumb rubber frame, so you can feel good about what you're promoting. Don't forget to wipe your feet!

    A welcome mat with black edges and a circular inset with the words WELCOME and a tan sandbar for scraping

    6. A plush back rest pillow to help give some extra back support. Perfect for all ages, this pillow can be used on beds, couches or even on the floor. Let the plush envelope you, and take a moment to breathe in a sigh of relief.

    The grey plush pillow has two arms and a handle on the top

    7. A set of three decorative black floating shelves for displaying your favorite tchotchkes for all to see. The various sizes make it easy to shelve whatever you'd like. Cute, huh?

    The black shelves have three various sizes and are holding various small items

    8. A blue velvet feather-filled throw pillow that'll add a glam vibe to your area. The chic design and soft backing give off a luscious feel. Enjoy!

    The blue velvet pillow has white cutouts that look like blooming flowers

    9. A set of 2-inch cordless faux wood blinds so you have some added privacy and shade. The cordless design makes them easy to use and safe, especially in living spaces with children and/or pets. They are literally lifesaver.

    The white blinds are covering a window 3/4 of the way in a sunlit room

    10. A three-pack of 100% pure essential oils that includes lavender, lemon and sweet orange scents. There are no fillers in this set, and it's a wonderful starting point for people getting into aromatherapy. Wish we could smell things through the screen!

    There are three bottles: one says Lavender with a purple stripe, another Lemon with a yellow stripe and the last Sweet Orange with an orange stripe

    11. An embossed ceramic candle and wax cube warmer to release beautiful scents into your home. Reuse your old pieces of a candle or try wax cubes and scent bursts. So handy!

    The ceramic warmer has ornate and beautiful designs

    12. A geographic globe in black that'll add a worldly feel to your space. While this globe is intended to be used as decor only, it's still a great reminder to respect everyone on the globe. Plus, it'll look awesome in your home.

    The predominantly black globe has neutral-toned land

    13. A sheer, beaded window curtain valance to spice up your window. Just look at how lovely and elegant it is!

    The light blue valance has beadings and three distinct sections

    14. A cushioned nonslip rug pad that'll keep all your rugs in place. Plus, it'll make your rug even comfier and can be trimmed to whatever dimensions you need. Nice!

    The cream colored cushion is underneath a multi-colored pattern rug

    15. A rustic wooden candle lantern so you can add dreamy lighting to your indoor or outdoor space. The lantern is made from stunning iron, wood and glass, so you know you're using a quality item. Cool, huh!?

    The wooden lantern has a dark iron top and black fixtures

    16. A retro mint-colored wall clock to tell your time in style. This nostalgic clock has a glass lens and a bright mint border. How lovely.

    The mint clock is on a bright wall and has black minute hands and red seconds hand

    17. A solid wood picture frame so you can create a rustic and natural vibe in your home. Show off your favorite photos in a complementary frame.

    The rustic frame is grey with a photo of palm trees in a blue sky

    18. An Amaris pendant light with a 15-foot cord to add some beautiful light and sophisticated design to your area. This simple accent will breathe a fresh design into your space. Glorious!

    The white dome light has silver accents is next to a white brick wall and blue bedding

    19. A braided jute area rug that'll add an earthy look to your home. The natural fibers are so gorgeous and inviting. ~Ahhh.~

    The natural colored loom rug is on a dark brown wooden floor

    20. A transitional glass end table floor lamp so you can enjoy a warm light and beautiful storage for your items. Mix style and functionality! Your space will feel so much more open.

    The black side table has clear panels and a black framed lamp with a white shade

    21. A round jute floor pouf to build up that boho and artisan feel in any room. Lounge in style with this accessory. Prop your feet up and enjoy!

    The jute pouf is in front of a light blue couch

    22. A cotton ball shag indoor area rug that will make you feel like you're walking on clouds. The fabric is even fade-resistant. Woohoo!

    The white plush rug is on a wooden floor and surrounded by furniture

    23. A cordless water-flosser because a clean mouth is a happy mouth. Fun fact: this Waterpik flosser is up to 50% more effective than string floss. *Wow!*

    The white flosser is next to a white sink with silver touches

    24. A Tile item tracker so your favorite (and essential) things won't ever be lost again. Use this tracker on your keys, pet collars, wallets, or any other important items. This handy invention eliminates the hassle of tearing your house apart to find your keys.

    The black square says "tile" and is hooked onto a black fabric bag

    25. A textured organic cotton shower curtain to create a bright, minimalistic space. Made out of 100% organic and sustainable cotton, you can truly enjoy *all* the beauty and goodness that comes with this buy. Win-win!

    The white curtain is in a natural and bright bathroom

    26. A popcorn cotton bath rug that's eco-conscious, soft *and* absorbent. With a nonslip backing, you can soak or enjoy a hot shower without worrying about your safety. Tap into that relaxation.

    The yellow popcorn rug is hung over the side of a white bathtub

    27. An eight-piece bedding and comforter set for a dreamy and comfy slumber. The reversible solid pattern design and machine washable fabric make it easy to change up your space from time to time. Score!

    The blush colored set is on a made bed and is in a neutral-toned and well lit room

    28. A 300-thread count wrinkle-resistant sheet set for a nice and rejuvenating night of sleep. Made of 100% cotton sateen, this set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases. You'll have everything you need and more!

    The baltic sea blue sheet set is over a made bed with two pillows

    29. A square bowl and platter set that's dishwasher and microwave safe and can withstand up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit in the oven. Bask in this clean and elegant take on dinnerware. Sleek!

    The white square bowl and plate with two silver spoons

    30. An antique-inspired etched glass pitcher for holding up to 1.59 liters of liquid. Made out of glass with a beautiful design, this stunner can hold fresh summer drinks for all your picnics, barbecues and potlucks. Make a batch of tangy lemonade, sit back and sip away. Yum!

    The turquoise glass pitcher is holding lemonade and slices of lemonade

    31. A personalized beverage tub because how cool would it be to have a personalized drink holder?! The rust-proof metal can be used inside or outside and is great for bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings and family reunions. Party away!

    The silver tub says "Tipsy Tub", has ice, is holding drinks and is atop a black iron stand

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