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    31 Of The Best Home Products Under $50 That You Can Get At Walmart

    For excellent home products that won't break the bank, look no further than these awesome finds.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cordless handheld food vacuum sealer that'll save the day whenever you're trying to store or freeze leftovers while keeping them fresh for as long as humanly possible.

    The cordless handheld food vacuum sealer

    Promising review: "I use this handy gadget with the BPA-free plastic bags every day to reseal bags of frozen fruit, oats that I buy in bulk, leftover pancakes, seeds saved to plant later and much more. It's very small and takes up no space on the counter. The bags can be washed and reused several times." —Janet

    Price: $24.98 (originally $39.99)

    2. A set of six clear plastic storage boxes with snap-tight lids so you can reorganize your wardrobe, keep out dust, dirt, and debris, *and* still easily locate your favorite sweater in a pinch. Cher from Clueless could've really used these.

    The set of six clear plastic storage boxes

    Promising review: "I bought this pack of six storage boxes and when they arrived I started reorganizing a closet and immediately ordered more. These are perfect to use on the upper shelves in our closets. They made the areas look so much nicer. I plan to order more to use in my bathroom and hall closets." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $24.88

    3. A perfect egg maker that effortlessly cooks up your fave breakfast food any way you like with just the press of a button. Plus, all of the parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Eggcellent.


    Promising review: "Should have bought this egg maker years ago! Really enjoy stuffed eggs but never could manage to keep all the egg halves whole after boiling on stovetop. All halves cut perfectly now that I use my new egg maker. The yolks are the most beautiful yellow for the first time ever! Based on how perfect the boiled eggs come out, don't think I will be disappointed with the omelets/poached eggs when I'm ready to make them." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $14.88

    4. An absorbent chenille memory foam bath mat because your bare toes deserve nothing less than a fluffy foot massage when you step out of the shower.

    The mint memory foam bath mat

    Promising review: "Chenille mats are my fave, but I've never found one that actually stays put. This one stays put! It has a strong anti-slip bottom, which keeps it in place. The blue color is absolutely gorgeous and matched my bathroom wonderfully. It feels so luxurious on the feet. I also find that it dries quickly. Really can't go wrong here." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $9.98+ (available in nine colors)

    5. A handheld pet hair vacuum for when you're absolutely fed up with shedding season and need a quick, convenient way to spruce up the fur-covered furniture before your guests arrive.

    The handheld pet hair eraser vacuum

    Promising review: "Talk about a little power house hand vacuum. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. The suction is great and the extra tools that it comes with are great. So easy to use and the cord is long enough to go around without plugging and unplugging." —Claudette

    Price: $30.99

    6. An eye-catching glass butter dish and salt and pepper shaker set to bring a little country home charm to your kitchen.

    The turquoise glass butter dish, salt and pepper shaker set

    Promising review: "Beautifully made and beautiful to look at. Love the color and the pattern. Glad I finally bought it!!" —Terry

    Price: $17.42 (originally $19.99, available in two colors)

    7. A set of three floating shelves that are effortless to mount, practical, and will blend in beautifully with any home décor — whether your style is boho chic or vintage glam.

    The set of three espresso floating shelves

    Promising review: "These worked out perfectly for what I needed! They are very well-constructed and they come with everything you need to hang them up the proper way." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $14.97

    8. A luxurious 800-thread-count cotton sateen sheet set so soft, breathable, and comfortable that you'll feel like you're snoozing in a fancy Parisian hotel.

    The 800-thread-count cotton rich sateen weave sheet set

    Promising review: "They are very comfortable and stay in shape even after putting through the washer and dryer. There was no bleeding on the printing of the sheets. They still looked brand new after a couple of wash and dry cycles. I thoroughly enjoyed these over what I use to purchase. I find these much more comfortable. I would definitely choose these again when needing a sheet set." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $34.88+ (available in three sizes and ten colors)

    9. A stunning weather-resistant white ceramic planter that's perfect for keeping your prized succulent safe and secure while showing it off in style.

    The weather-resistant round white ceramic planter

    Promising review: "Loves these planters. I have them scattered throughout my home. They are very stylish and match any décor." —Kristy

    Price: $4.96+ (available in two sizes)

    10. A flexible white laundry hamper designed with two sturdy handles to make lugging the heaviest of loads up and down the stairs a breeze. Best of all, it won't snap and break under pressure.

    The flexible white laundry hamper

    Promising review: "I've had this basket for over five years now. This basket replaced our old crappy traditional baskets that took up a lot of space on the floor. It doesn't take up a lot of space and holds twice the amount of clothes as other baskets. It's easy to carry and flexible enough to even carry with one hand. Highly recommend it if you want a durable, large capacity, upright basket!" —Rebecca

    Price: $8.64+ (available in two quantities) 

    11. An energy-efficient blackout curtain panel for when you want to sleep in without the bright morning sun slamming your retinas, thank you very much. Oh, and they help reduce outside noise, too. Win-win.

    The charcoal energy-efficient blackout grommet curtain panel

    Promising review: "These curtains are beautiful. They have a satin-type feel and look elegant. I was hesitant about dark curtains! Love them! And they took no time to arrive! I will be ordering another panel. Wow!" —Angie

    Price: $13.74+ (originally $17.99+, available in seven sizes and 11 colors)

    12. A simple yet sophisticated grab-and-go stick lamp complete with a USB port so you never have to worry about forgetting to charge your phone before bed again.

    The grab and go stick lamp

    Promising review: "If you are into simple and minimalistic decor, this is the perfect lamp for you! I ordered two and placed one on each nightstand. I removed all stickers, to make the lamps look more expensive, and installed smart bulbs for different moods. Simple, inexpensive, and great lamps!" —Erika

    Price: $17.97 (originally $19.99, available in three colors)

    13. An energy-efficient and space-saving toaster oven that's perfectly sized to fit a 9-inch pizza, if you happen to be in the mood for Italian. The shiny, silver finish adds a sleek look to any countertop.

    The toaster oven

    Promising review: "I don't always like to use the oven for small things so I found this! It fits perfectly onto the top of my stove, is super cute and works amazingly! I'm loving how quick it is and it makes real bubbling cheese and toast! Highly recommend especially if you have a small space. The color is that of a candied apple." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $36.42

    14. A contemporary alarm clock with a USB charging port ideal for anyone who's looking to make their morning routine all the more efficient.

    The LED display alarm clock with a USB charging port

    Promising review: "Great alarm clock for a great price. Bought this for my mom to replace a very old cassette player clock she had. She requested something with large numbers but that didn't take up too much space on the nightstand. This worked perfectly! She had it set up in no time. Bonus: I didn't realize it had a USB port for charging a device so that was a nice surprise. For the price, this is a great purchase!" —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $10.80 (originally $16.20)

    15. A cooling, waterproof mattress protector that's basically like sleeping on an air-conditioned cloud.

    The waterproof mattress protector with cooling technology on a white bed frame

    Promising review: "This cover is a great way to protect your mattress. The fabric is nice and smooth. I really like the texture, and the stitching is done nicely. What I like about it the most is that it doesn't make any noise at all. You can move around all you want without having to deal with the noise. It's nice and stretchy, so I can see this fitting perfectly on any queen-sized mattress, thick or thin." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $22.97+ (available in four sizes)

    16. A classic 16-piece glass set sure to be a new guest fave at all of your upcoming outdoor BBQs and indoor dining events. Oh, and did I mention they're dishwasher-safe?

    The sixteen-piece drinkware glass set

    Promising review: "I love this set of glasses. I love the weight of them and they are very easy to clean. They fit nicely in my cabinet and they are just big enough for the right amount of drink." —Allie

    Price: $18.99

    17. An over-the-door shoe rack that holds up to 36 pairs of your prettiest pumps, boots, sandals, and flats, keeping them off the floor and out of the way so you stop tripping over them.

    The over-the-door shoe rack

    Promising review: "This shoe rack is a great buy. It was easy to assemble and hangs easily over the door. It will be easy to put on a different door as needed. I appreciate that it is also capable of being installed on a wall. This is a great idea for anyone who has extra wall space in their closets. There is a lot of space for many pairs of shoes. It can also store other items like rolled up socks." —Lindi

    Price: $22.10

    18. A trendy collapsible faux leather storage ottoman that functions as both an inconspicuous living room catchall *and* a trusty place to rest your tired feet after a long day.

    The ultra-collapsible faux leather storage ottoman
    The gray ultra-collapsible faux leather storage ottoman

    Promising review: "Love these small but durable cubes. They were exactly what I had in mind for the place I wanted to use them. Even though they are collapsible, they are sturdy. My daughter's friends sit on them all the time." —Betsy

    Price: $19.88 (available in four colors)

    19. A lovely two-shelf towel bar and wall organizer for keeping everything in your bathroom tidy and in tip-top shape.

    The nickel finish two-shelf towel bar wall organizer

    Promising review: "I love my new shelf. This one was so easy to put together. It is great and looks great in my new bathroom." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $22.50

    20. An electric wine opener that pops the corks off of your bottles of grape and bubbly faster than you can shout "Sauvignon Blanc!"

    The black electric wine opener with included foil cutter

    Promising review: "I got this for my mother who struggles with opening wine bottles. This was perfect, easy to use, and looks good on the counter. It seems to be quality made. Would buy again." —Joleen

    Price: $16.73+ (originally $21.89+, available in three colors)

    21. A multi-purpose two-tone metal soap dish because there's nothing worse than wiping sudsy gunk off your sink. Say goodbye to soap scum for good with this brushed beauty that doubles as a place to stash trinkets.

    The silver two-tone metal soap dish

    Promising review: "Love this little soap dish. The color looks great in the bathroom and easily matches my decor. It is a good weight — nice and sturdy and doesn't feel cheap. It feels like it will last a long time. I love the depth of it and the size is perfect. Regular bars of soap or homemade soap both fit nicely." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $8.97 (available in two colors)

    22. A water-resistant Bluetooth speaker so your family always gets crystal clear sound, even if they're listening to music on the patio by the pool — or in the rain.

    The water-resistant Bluetooth speaker

    Promising review: "Check out the Bluetooth settings on your phone to match with the speaker. The sound is good for such a small speaker. I use it on the patio while grilling. Waterproof in case it rains. Good buy." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $22.21 (available in three colors)

    23. A HEPA-type air purifier that's perfect for smaller rooms — up to 110 square feet — and expertly traps all those pesky particles you can't see, like dust, pollen, and pet dander.

    The HEPA-type air purifier

    Promising review: "My wife is allergic to our dogs who shed quite a decent amount and we put this in the bedroom and she stopped sneezing and being congested during the night. Works amazingly and we feel that the air in our bedroom is cleaner. Would recommend." —Edwin

    Price: $49.94

    24. A pressure-activated electric juicer so whenever someone uses the "when life gives you lemons" analogy, you can artfully reply by making them a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade. Kickstart your morning routine with a little vitamin C.

    The pressure-activated electric juicer

    Promising review: "My husband is on a special diet, so I use a lot of citrus fruits for marinades, juices, salads, etc. I love the small size, because it doesn't take up much cabinet space. It is very easy to operate, and runs quietly. Cleanup is very easy. Simply put the parts on the top rack of the dishwasher. I love it!" —Linda

    Price: $15.49 (originally $19.96)

    25. A down alternative pillow made with a 100% cotton cover and down-like fiber that mimics the plush feel of feathers while adding huggable hotel-quality comfort. Great for any sleeping position, too!

    The down alternative pillow

    Promising review: "I'm extremely happy with this pillow. It provides great support for your head and neck. The pillow is super soft and is perfect for all sleep positions. It has down-like fiber which cradles your head/neck while you sleep which promotes less tossing and turning. It also can be machine washed and dried. I highly recommend!" —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $12.96

    26. An 18-pack of plastic clothing hangers ideal for both adult and children's attire alike. Keep your wardrobe looking sharp by having color-coordinated hangers.

    The 18-pack of black plastic clothing hangers

    Promising review: "Excellent value for the money. I needed a bunch of hangers to help my teenage sons organize their closets. I bought one set, and will definitely buy another." —Christina

    Price: $2.28 (available in five colors)

    27. A calming two-wick scented spa candle that comes in so many delectable fragrance options that you may want to collect them all. Fill your room with warm, golden light and let the healing begin.

    The Calm two-wick scented spa candle in coconut, citrus, amber scent

    Promising review: "This candle has a modern, simple look with no overly cluttered text to it. Looks great with its etched sea glass appearance; perfect in my bathroom. The smell is crisp and delicate, not overpowering, making it great to light before a bubble bath. This would make a great gift." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $9.87 (available in five fragrance styles)

    28. A cheerful stoneware coaster and napkin box set to brighten up any dining area, adding a little joy and life to any dinner party. Just look at those *vivid colors.*

    The flea market stoneware coasters and napkin box set

    Promising review: "This is the second set of these that I have purchased. I use them under my little succulents on my kitchen windowsill. They are the perfect size and have a little lip that keeps any water from spilling out. The patterns are bright and cheerful. Walmart definitely has the best price for these!!" —Debbie

    Price: $19.99

    29. A turquoise ceramic nonstick saucepan featuring a scratch-resistant exterior and diamond coating to enhance the pan's heat and longevity, because diamonds are a cook's best friend.

    The turquoise ceramic non-stick saucepan

    Promising review: "This cookware is the best I have ever owned! Nothing sticks to it and the outside cleans as easily as the inside. You can almost wipe it clean with a paper towel. I love it!" —Della

    Price: $24

    30. A vibrant 20-piece stainless-steel flatware set perfect for a family (or dinner party) of four. Bon appétit!

    The Pierremont polished stainless steel tableware flatware set

    Promising review: "I love Mainstay silverware. They are slightly larger than my normal silverware and clean well in my dishwasher. Love the style and polished finish. I needed silverware since my usual silverware became dull. These worked well and I definitely will buy more of them since they really work well or better than the old set. The size, color and design are very good." —Marci

    Price: $9.96+ (available in five patterns)

    31. A six-piece textured washcloth bundle because when it comes to skincare, your beautiful face and body deserve the very best.

    The cherry blossom six-piece washcloth bundle

    Promising review: "I put this in our guest bath. This baroque pattern has a luxe look and feels high-end. Beautiful, lovely pattern. Looks rich." —Walmart reviewer

    Price: $7.88 (available in four colors)

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