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    17 Complete Lies People Tell Their Children

    If kids are the future, we might be doomed.

    1. So much for technology:

    2. Let it go, guys:

    You know you want to build a snowman!

    3. With great lies come great responsibility:

    4. Let them dream the impossible dream.

    5. Buy this woman a #1 Mom mug:

    6. Big Mother is watching:

    7. They're going to have to figure out on their own that Google lies:

    8. A+ trolling:

    9. Looking real ~hard~ lol:

    10. You deserve tantrums:

    11. Possibly our future, tbh:

    12. An epidemic:

    13. You were robbed:

    14. NOPE:

    15. eat poop?


    17. Fair:

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