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8 Huge Differences Between Having A Job At 20, 25 And 30

Working 9 to 9 just to stay alive.

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1. Going to work in the morning:

At 20: You're fresh and eager to start your day.

At 25: You try to disguise your hangover from the night before.

At 30: You roll up like the boss you are.

2. Work email:

At 20: Each one is like a tiny high five.

At 25: They just never end.

Columbia Pictures / Via

At 30: They still never end, but you've developed a system that works.

The Ghost in the Shell / Via

3. Job interviews:

At 20: You're FREAKING out.

At 25: You do your best to fake it until you make it.

NBC / Via

At 30: They'd be lucky to hire you.

Logo / Via

4. Coworkers:

At 20: Everyone treats you like a baby.

Disney / Via

At 25: Coworkers? More like your BFFs. / Via

After work drinks are your church.

At 30: They're just one of several groups of weirdos who see you through thick and thin.

5. Work/life balance:

At 20: Work doesn't take up a lot of your mental energy.

At 25: You tell yourself that it's worth it to put in the hours now.

NBC / Via

At 30: Hopefully you've figured out a system...

...but you're probably working too hard anyway.

6. The work bully:

At 20: You try and play it cool and gchat 8 friends immediately to know what to do.

Paramount Pictures / Via

At 25: You try not to let him or her bother you, but it doesn't always work.

At 30: You don't let any jerk stop you.

Bravo / Via

7. Professional attire:

At 20: You wear what makes you feel comfortable, for better or worse.

At 25: You do your best to fit in.

At 30: You set the tone with your outfit and hope it says "I rule."

FX / Via

8. Drinks after work:

At 20: whatever it is, it better be cheap.

At 25: Whatever it is, it better be epic.

At 30: Whatever it is, it better have wine.

Bravo / Via

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