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10 Brazilian Expressions That Should Exist In English

Forget everything you know about language, it's time to peel the pineapple.

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Tomara-que-caia = “I hope it falls”

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Actual meaning: a strapless shirt/tank top

Abotoar o paletó = “To button up your blazer”


Actual meaning: to die

Jogar o verde pra colher maduro = To throw out green fruit and pick it ripe

Actual meaning: To say something you think is half-true so that another person tells you a secret.

Baixar a bola = “lower the ball”

Actual meaning: slow your roll

Descascar o abacaxi = “Peel the pineapple”

Actual meaning: To solve a problem

Deitar o cabelo = “Lay down your hair”

Actual meaning: to move fast

Enfiar o pé na jaca = “To stick your foot in the breadfruit”

Actual meaning: to really, really go for it

(This is because, as you can imagine, stepping in a breadfruit is a pretty big sensory experience.)

Rei na barriga = “King in the belly”


Actual meaning: To be arrogant and full of oneself

Viajar na maionese = “To travel in the mayonnaise”

Actual meaning: To say something crazy

Tempestade em copo d'agua = “A hurricane in a cup of water”

Actual meaning: to make a big deal about something that’s not a huge deal

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