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14 Reasons Why Amy Schumer And Sophie Tucker Are Basically The Same Person

If you know and love Amy Schumer, it's about time you met Sophie Tucker, her 1920s soul sister.

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1. Both Amy and Sophie started from the bottom.

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When Sophie Tucker moved to NYC to become a singer, she got her start singing at amateur vaudeville establishments. Amy Schumer started as a TV extra, began doing stand-up in 2004, and now she has her own show.

2. Both women call the shots in their careers.

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Amy expanded from stand-up with her show, and recently wrote and starred in her own movie. Sophie faced the decline of vaudeville head on and went on to star in solo singing performances, movies, and TV shows.

3. Neither woman listens to what the business thinks their bodies should look like.

Amy's famous for her jokes about weight, and Sophie Tucker had multiple hit songs about her plus size figure -- including "Nobody Loves a Fat Girl, But Oh How a Fat Girl Can Love."

4. Sophie Tucker was the pioneer for women's sexual liberation, which Amy embodies in her comedy.

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Amy Schumer is quoted saying, "I completely love sex and don't feel shy about feeling entitled to an orgasm," which was the principle behind Sophie Tucker's Red Hot Mamas School of sex.

5. Both women feel that men are an accessory, not a necessity.

Sophie Tucker: "I have no time for men. I just have fun with them and leave it at that."

Amy Schumer: "I'm not really a slut. I've only had sex with 4 guys... and that was a weird night."

6. It goes without saying that Amy Schumer is one of the funniest ladies out there right now, and Sophie Tucker was for her time, too.

Amy Schumer gave Comedy Central some of their highest season premiere ratings with her show, because in the words of Sophie Tucker, "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you."

7. They're both proud of their Jewish heritage.

The Laugh Button / Via

Amy Schumer makes light of the fact that she was called "Amy Jew-mer" in middle school, and Sophie Tucker's song "My Yiddishe Momme" was one of her biggest hits.

8. Each lady star rose above family issues to pursue their stage passions.

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Sophie Tucker had to leave her absent husband behind and moved to NYC alone, and Amy Schumer's family went bankrupt, resulting her parents' divorce when she was young.

9. Both ladies know how to goof around off the stage, too.

Pop Sugar / Via

Schumer's recent dive in front of Kanye and Kim Kardashian had us all LOL'in, and Sophie was famous for her jokes and charisma, having countless close friends, celebrities and royalty among them.

10. If someone criticizes their appearance, they laugh it off with aplomb.

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When Sophie Tucker picked herself as a beauty contest winner, she said, "It's no contest, I'm the prettiest girl here." Neither Amy nor Sophie feel the need to conform to magazine-cover standards.

11. Both ladies are just as bold with their fashion as they are on stage.


Sophie Tucker was famous for changing her dramatic hairstyles every six months, pioneering the Lady Gaga hairbow in the process. Amy Schumer keeps it real with her simple but spunky styles.

12. Both ladies shamelessly admit to having a girl-crush or two.

EW / Via

We can't say we were surprised to see Amy Schumer plant one on Tina Fey at the 2015 Peabody Awards, and Sophie Tucker's love for her best friend Dr. Margaret Chung ran deep.

13. You'll never hear these ladies apologize for being themselves.

EW / Via

Sophie Tucker: "Don’t try to change me or make me something I’m not. I want an honest story that tells everything about me. Just stick to the ugly truth."

Amy Schumer: "I say if I'm beautiful. I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story - I will."

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