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23 Bizarre Plot Lines From "The Twilight Saga" That We Really Need To Talk About

Yes, we're looking at you imprinting on an infant, Jacob. ⚠️SPOILERS⚠️

1. Edward wanted to massacre the entire Biology class so he could drink Bella's blood.

Edward covering his face as if Bella forgot to shower or something

2. Emmett casually just carries around a bag of eggs???

The Cullen/Hale kids in high school and Emmett actually holding a bag of eggs

3. Rosalie absolutely HATES Bella, and no one really calls her out on it.

Rosalie glaring at a very awkward Bella

4. Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire and is just... ok with it?

Edward thinking about drinking blood and Bella thinking about edward shirtless

5. Charlie is so clueless the whole time.

Charlie being confused by very simple math equations

6. At the end of Twilight, Bella's parents actually believe that she fell down a flight of stairs and crashed through a window.

Bella thinking wow I can't believe they fell for that

7. In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella alone in the middle of the woods and tells her that he's leaving to keep her safe.

8. Jacob becomes extremely aggressive after he becomes a werewolf – to the point where it's problematic.

9. No one tries to help Bella when she's clearly depressed.

Bella staring out the window and crying

10. Bella should have absolutely died in New Moon.

Bella almost drowning, getting in a bike accident, and almost getting eaten by a vampire

11. Jacob answers the phone in Bella's home and tells Edward that Charlie is planning a funeral, fully knowing that Edward would think he's talking about Bella.

Jacob telling Edward over the phone that Billy's planning a funeral because he's a dumb dumb

12. The Volturi have a pretty strict rule, spanning back centuries, that humans can't know about vampires.

The leaders of the Volturi sitting in their italian-style thrones

13. In Eclipse, Victoria is running around creating an entire army of newborn vampires, and the Cullens have no clue that it's her doing it until, like, two days before they show up.

Victoria grimacing in the forest with her eyes glowing evilly

14. Speaking of Victoria, are we just going to ignore them knocking Rachelle Lefevre out of the part?

15. Jacob threatens to let himself die in the battle with Victoria's army unless Bella kisses him...?

16. After the Cullens and the werewolves win the battle against Victoria, the Volturi show up and somehow still don't care that Bella is human.

The Volturi being the bosses of everyone in eclipse

17. After Edward and Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn, Jacob freaks out when he learns that Edward and Bella are going to have sex on their honeymoon.

Jacob running wildly with a silly face

18. Bella gets pregnant... with a vampire baby.

Bella holding her stomach and looking in the mirror with grave concern

19. Rosalie is suddenly Bella's "best friend" once Bella is pregnant.

Rosalie feeling Bella's stomach

20. Jacob imprints on Renesmee.

Jacob imprinting while Trixie Mattel calls the police

21. Despite the Volturi having a strict "no vampire-children" policy, the Cullens don't seem to consider the repercussions of Renesmee's existence.

22. The saga ends on such a happy, drama-free note.

The Twilight cast hugging each other with rainbows and happy ever afters

23. And lastly, the scary Renesmee doll.

An anamatronic toddler that looks horribly fake and weird

What are some Twilight Saga plot points that made you go like 🤔🤔🤔? Let us know in the comments!

Jacob taking his pants off and Charlie just kinda staring