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23 Bizarre Plot Lines From "The Twilight Saga" That We Really Need To Talk About

Yes, we're looking at you imprinting on an infant, Jacob. ⚠️SPOILERS⚠️

1. Edward wanted to massacre the entire Biology class so he could drink Bella's blood.

Edward covering his face as if Bella forgot to shower or something
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Thanks to Stephenie Meyer finally dropping the iconic Midnight Sun, we've learned that Edward was plotting to kill everyone in the initial Biology class so he could ~savor~ Bella's blood.

2. Emmett casually just carries around a bag of eggs???

The Cullen/Hale kids in high school and Emmett actually holding a bag of eggs
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Ok, this one is actually pretty funny. But seriously, if the Cullens collectively have centuries of experience blending in with humans, how in the world did they think that a bag full of hard-boiled eggs was the most inconspicuous lunch choice?

3. Rosalie absolutely HATES Bella, and no one really calls her out on it.

Rosalie glaring at a very awkward Bella
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I get that Rosalie wanted a traditional, human life and resents Bella for wanting to be a vampire, but come on. Rosalie is so mean to Bella from the get-go, and what's worse is that the Cullens just ignore it instead of calling her out.

4. Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire and is just... ok with it?

Edward thinking about drinking blood and Bella thinking about edward shirtless
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I mean, I get that the whole thing is probably a bit exciting and whatnot, but he's a literal VAMPIRE. And he explicitly tells Bella that her blood is the most alluring thing he's ever smelled. Um, Bella, please run.

5. Charlie is so clueless the whole time.

Charlie being confused by very simple math equations
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I get why the people around Charlie couldn't tell him about vampires or werewolves to keep him safe. However, at the same time, Charlie is the chief of police and is often out searching unwittingly for – you guessed it – vampires and werewolves! I know he's kind of clued in at the end of the series but still. Connect the dots, Charles.

6. At the end of Twilight, Bella's parents actually believe that she fell down a flight of stairs and crashed through a window.

Bella thinking wow I can't believe they fell for that
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So, are we just not going to address the bite mark on her wrist? Also, Bella leaves Forks by forcing a fight with Charlie and then going all the way to Arizona. It's way too bizarre, and I'd certainly have a lot more questions if my child did something like that.

7. In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella alone in the middle of the woods and tells her that he's leaving to keep her safe.

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In reality, him leaving is the most unsafe thing he could do! By this point, Bella very much knows about the vampire world, and some of them certainly know about her (looking at you, Laurent and Victoria). The fact that any of the Cullens genuinely thought just skipping town was the right move is unbelievable.

8. Jacob becomes extremely aggressive after he becomes a werewolf – to the point where it's problematic.

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Jacob was a great friend to Bella before he became a werewolf. After his transition, he became forceful, aggressive, and oftentimes just straight-up mean to Bella. Also, let's not forget about the time he kissed Bella without her consent, and then basically manipulated her into kissing him so he wouldn't kill himself in the battle against Victoria's army. So wrong on so many levels.

9. No one tries to help Bella when she's clearly depressed.

Bella staring out the window and crying
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After Edward leaves in New Moon, Bella literally just sits in front of her window for months. She sits alone at lunch, has nightmares almost every night, and spends too much time writing emails to Alice that she knows will never be read. Eventually, Charlie threatens to send her back to live with her mom but it's like... I know where we can send her – a therapist's office? Possibly address her obviously depleted mental state???

10. Bella should have absolutely died in New Moon.

Bella almost drowning, getting in a bike accident, and almost getting eaten by a vampire
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This may be a controversial take, but there are SO many ways that Bella was in immediate danger in New Moon. Laurent nearly kills her, Victoria nearly kills her, and Bella herself starts doing really dangerous stunts so she can get a glimpse of "Edward." Sorry, but it's unrealistic that she would have even made it past Laurent's visit.

11. Jacob answers the phone in Bella's home and tells Edward that Charlie is planning a funeral, fully knowing that Edward would think he's talking about Bella.

Jacob telling Edward over the phone that Billy's planning a funeral because he's a dumb dumb
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I feel like this is just glossed over by Bella afterwards, but, like... I'd never talk to Jacob again if he did this to me? Furthermore, it's bizarre that Jacob would even be the one answering in the first place. They were in Bella's home!

12. The Volturi have a pretty strict rule, spanning back centuries, that humans can't know about vampires.

The leaders of the Volturi sitting in their italian-style thrones
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However, once Bella shows up to save Edward, the Volturi are pretty much cool with it on the premise that she'll become a vampire eventually. Like, what? Realistically, Bella would've been killed on the spot without a second thought.

13. In Eclipse, Victoria is running around creating an entire army of newborn vampires, and the Cullens have no clue that it's her doing it until, like, two days before they show up.

Victoria grimacing in the forest with her eyes glowing evilly
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Yes, Victoria is sneaky and was planning this for some time, but the Cullens should've seen this coming from the get-go. Victoria was after Bella in New Moon, and as disappearances of young people kept increasing in Seattle... put two and two together, you guys. Also, don't you have someone who can literally see the future in the family?

14. Speaking of Victoria, are we just going to ignore them knocking Rachelle Lefevre out of the part?

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Apparently, she was replaced due to a 10-day overlap of scheduling conflicts, but I don't know. Just seems kind of shady to replace the actor who worked her butt off for this major role just to give it to Bryce Dallas Howard (aka, a bigger name). I know this isn't really plot-centric and I swear I don't have anything against Bryce, but it had to be said.

15. Jacob threatens to let himself die in the battle with Victoria's army unless Bella kisses him...?

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I alluded to this in a previous point, but it's just so problematic and manipulative. How on Earth is anyone Team Jacob???

16. After the Cullens and the werewolves win the battle against Victoria, the Volturi show up and somehow still don't care that Bella is human.

The Volturi being the bosses of everyone in eclipse
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They killed Bree, the newborn vampire who the Cullens spare, without a second thought! Meanwhile, Bella is still human, and they're content with the fact that she'll be changed ~eventually~.

17. After Edward and Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn, Jacob freaks out when he learns that Edward and Bella are going to have sex on their honeymoon.

Jacob running wildly with a silly face
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I mean... it's their honeymoon, dude. And they're newlyweds. I'm still very confused about what exactly he expected they'd be doing, LOL.

18. Bella gets pregnant... with a vampire baby.

Bella holding her stomach and looking in the mirror with grave concern
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Sorry, a HALF-vampire baby. I always found it bizarre that vampires could even have sex in the first place much less impregnate someone! I know Stephenie Meyer has tried to explain how it's possible, but it still just doesn't make any sense.

19. Rosalie is suddenly Bella's "best friend" once Bella is pregnant.

Rosalie feeling Bella's stomach
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As stated earlier, Rosalie had some serious beef with Bella throughout the whole series. However, the second Rosalie learns of Bella's pregnancy, she'll stop at nothing to keep the baby alive – even if it means Bella will die. Do I even need to explain how problematic that is? I guess the least Rosalie could do is be a little nice to Bella while she waits for her to kick the bucket.

20. Jacob imprints on Renesmee.

Jacob imprinting while Trixie Mattel calls the police
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People in the Twilight fandom have spent YEARS trying to unpack this one, and I just don't think it's possible. Yeah yeah yeah, it's a "brotherly" love until Renesmee is old enough to choose Jacob as a partner, but... sorry. It's a no from me.

21. Despite the Volturi having a strict "no vampire-children" policy, the Cullens don't seem to consider the repercussions of Renesmee's existence.

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I understand that Renesmee would soon become fully grown, but how did the Cullens really think the Volturi wouldn't find out first?

22. The saga ends on such a happy, drama-free note.

The Twilight cast hugging each other with rainbows and happy ever afters
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Edward and Bella have their happy little family. Alice has a vision of Jacob and Renesmee being happy together in the future. Charlie is with Sue and is still involved in Bella's life... Basically, everyone is so happy! Don't get me wrong; I love to see it, but after SO MUCH drama, it's hard to believe that everything could just fall into place so blissfully.

23. And lastly, the scary Renesmee doll.

An anamatronic toddler that looks horribly fake and weird
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Yes, I know that this version of Renesmee didn't make the final cut, and it's not really a plot line. However, it's so terrifying that it simply needs to be discussed. Who EVER thought this was a good idea???

What are some Twilight Saga plot points that made you go like 🤔🤔🤔? Let us know in the comments!

Jacob taking his pants off and Charlie just kinda staring
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