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18 Things That Curious People Are 100% Guilty Of

My curiosity takes me to some weird places.

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1. You'll find yourself watching one video and end up in a YouTube spiral.


Especially when you start by watching a video about funny cats and end up watching a documentary on pyramids.

2. Then you tell all your friends the next day about everything you learned...


3. ...and they look at you like you're a weirdo for watching such random videos.

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They just don't get it!

4. You often end up going to things by yourself because your friends are never interested.

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There is always that random exhibition, or that Chinese movie that has just been released, but people are never keen to follow you in those adventures.

5. You pause your music to eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations.

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Sometimes you're on the bus and you just HAVE to know what those two people are talking about.

6. You often go out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself.

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You might be scared, but your curiosity is stronger than your fear.

7. You start things but never finish them, because you get sidetracked by new interests.


You go to start watching a series, but then you discover another one, then you start to learn guitar, then you want to learn how to use Photoshop, then you... There's really no end to this!

8. You'll start looking at someone's photos on Facebook…

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9. …but really, you're stalking.

When you get to photos from 2009, maybe you went too far.

10. You look at every person that passes by you, and make up stories about where they are going.


Where is that person going? Where are they coming from? What is their job? Are they married? Maybe they are going on their first date?

11. You always sit where you can see everything going on around you.


In a restaurant or at a bar, you'll sit with your back to the wall so you can see who is entering, who is leaving, who orders what, if people at other tables are talking or on their phones.

12. You ask too many questions about peoples' lives…


You want to know everything, you are really interested in how they ended up here.

13. …and they are like:

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14. You love discovering new facts and being amazed by what you learned.

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15. You take a look through peoples' windows when you walk down the street


Not in a creepy way of course... but when it's night time and you can see through windows with the light on, you want to know how they live.

16. You hang on someone's every word when they tell you a story.

I mean really listen, you don't just pretend to care.

17. You look at what people have in their basket at the supermarket, and imagine what they're going to cook.

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"Oh, he bought this? I wouldn't have bought it... Maybe it is nice. I should try".

18. And you know the inner child inside of you is still alive!

This is the most important one of all! The child inside you is the one who makes you want be curious about everything. Life is short. Enjoy every moment and be a child sometimes. It feels so good!