21 Vital Elements Of A Fun, Super Addicting Korean Drama

It’s simple, really.

1. A lovable female protagonist!

So cute! So spunky!

…but she usually has a “handicap.”

i.e. She’s poor.


She’s “chubby.”


She’s uncouth.

Or probably worst of all, she’s mistaken for a guy.

2. A rich, snooty hot guy.

Usually traveling with his gang of “flower” boys (pretty boys).

Often times featured in unnecessary shower scenes.

3. Girl & Guy (for some reason or another) have to work together.

(Matching uniforms are optional.)

4. Or carry on a fake/contracted relationship.

Either due to legal/property issues…

Or promises grandparents made years ago.

5. An intense love/hate relationship ensues…

There’s nothing that says “I love/hate you” like spitting food in his face.


…but you kinda turn me on???

6. Until the tension becomes insurmountable.

7. Cue the super-addicting song that will play 10000x

So that you’ll start having Pavlovian emotional responses the moment you hear the opening melody.

8. Then, come the awkward kisses.

The girl always has her eyes open.

Wha chu lookin’ at?

9. And then the beautiful back hugs.

Because regular hugs are so overrated.

10. Some obstacles might be in the way…


Evil moms!

We swapped bodies (Freaky Friday style!)

He’s a dude… (not really!)

11. And then come the tears. Lots of them.


It hurts so good.

12. And lotsa slaps.


Girl on girl.


Guy on guy.



Every combo possible.

13. Usually a makeover scene.

14. The romantical moments at Han River.


Something about this river is magic…

15. There’ll be lots of delicious eating that’ll make you hungry at midnight.


But how do they stay so thin!?!?!

16. At some point, the girl might get superdrunk.


Drink my sorrows away.

17. Which could lead to piggy-back rides.

(the ones featured here are sober, but the important thing is that there should at least be one piggy-back ride per drama.)

18. And of course - can’t forget the dude who always gets friend-zoned.

This other guy in the drama is just as attractive/rich/hot as the lead male, except he’s actually sweet and loving towards the girl. But sadly, NEVER GETS THE GIRL.

And though she might want to honor her parents…

19. The sad truth is…

The asshole always gets the girl.

20. And 30 excruciating/amazing/emotionally draining hours later, they’ll live happily ever after!


<3 <3 <3

21. And this will be you.

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