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16 Reasons You Should Be Cheering For Spain During The World Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, the reigning World Champions!

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1. They won the 2010 World Cup, and they are ready to defend their title this time around.

2. This is their line-up for this year's World Cup. Talk about impressive!

OFFICIAL | These are the 23 players who will represent us in a DREAM to conquer the second WORLD CUP!

Selección Española@SeFutbol

OFFICIAL | These are the 23 players who will represent us in a DREAM to conquer the second WORLD CUP!

7:07 AM - 31 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

3. Their jersey is regal red. The color of love and passion.

4. Speaking of passion, their fans are incredibly devoted.

David Ramos / Getty Images Sport
David Ramos / Getty Images Sport
Matthias Kern/Getty Images

5. Seriously, the Spanish will show up for their team.

Angel Martinez / Getty Images

6. They are placed as the No. 1 team in the FIFA ranking position.

Jasper Juinen / Getty Images

They've been ranked first since 2008.

7. They are the favored team amongst Group B.

8. They won the last two Euro titles (2012 and 2008) as well as the 2010 World Cup, making them the first team to win three consecutive continental championships.

Lehtikuva / Reuters

9. This will be their 14th appearance at a World Cup competition.

Paulo Whitaker / Reuters

10. They hosted the World Cup in 1982 and this was their mascot:

Quim Llenas/Cover

It's called Naranjito. Even though not everyone liked him at the time, Naranjito has had some mad staying power.

11. Their greatest player ever is Iker Casillas, who is Spain's current goalkeeper and captain.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

He also holds the record for the longest time defending goals for “La Roja.”

12. Just look at him block that goal!

13. Every time Spain plays, the cameras will constantly jump to shots of Shakira juxtaposed with Pique.

David Ramos / Getty Images

If Spain gives up a goal, her suffering and angst will be our suffering and angst.

14. Spain is the most followed European National Team on Twitter and the fifth in the entire World.

15. Their coach, Vicente del Bosque, is confident of their chances of winning this year's World Cup competition.

JOSE JORDAN/AFP / Getty Images

16. Chances of winning this year: