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9 Ways You Can Be More Sustainable Today

Brought you by the Crowder Drury Solar Decathlon Team

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1. Reusable Grocery Bags are In, Plastics are Out

Hello Beautiful / Via

Making Fetch and Reusable Bags happen in 2014

2. Buy Local Meat From Animals Treated Humanely

Gifs of Soup / Via

Because who would want to hurt this little guy?

3. Walk. Walk. Walk

Unlocking Kiki / Via

At the cost of the world you beautiful Manta Ray Ann Perkins

4. Plant a Garden

Amusement For Me / Via

And maybe if you do you'll be able to sing like Troy from High School Musical

Actually just do it for the garden, Troy can't sing

5. Take a Stay-cation

BDC Wire / Via

'Cause theres nothing better than saving the world and enjoying Mrs. Doubtfire

6. Make Sure Your Voting Record Reflects Your Sustainability Goals

Siasat / Via

Before Election Day check what you candidate has to say about the environment and sustainability and be sure to support those who value it as much as you do.

And also vote for the candidate that can dance.

7. Reduce Reuse Recycle

Giphy / Via

Be Green. Be Cool. Be a Recycling Champion

Be like the Green Power Ranger

8. Turn off your TV

Giphy / Via

Joey Tribbiani will understand. I promise. You're saving the world

9. Donate to Crowder/Drury's Solar Decathlon Team

Tumblr / Via

Cause we're just like Rocky Balboa


And also teach everyone how to be sustainable, save the world and promote our university's commitment to sustainable living.

For more information on how you can be part of this incredible process visit

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